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Delighted to be back in Edinburgh after a fascinating three weeks in Pakistan. I left Pakistan two days after the Kashmir flare-up and just as Mohammed Bin Salman arrived, and you will be hearing my thoughts on this much neglected but vital country further over the next few days.

As I return, the Corrupt Seven are leaving the Labour Party and being much feted for their general Toryness, a quality they hold in common with the large majority of remaining Labour MPs, who calculate staying on is a better bet to preserve their incomes at present. I have missed an appalling official report from Frances Cairncross, who advocates that in order to ensure that we get our proper dose of official propaganda we should be obliged to pay with our taxes to subsidise newspapers which nobody wants to buy. This ties in with the report yesterday by MPs advocating more governmental control of Facebook to tighten the permitted narrative still further.

Much for me to get my teeth into; just give me a chance to unpack.

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167 thoughts on “The Blog That Reaches The Parts

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    • N_

      Going off on a tangent here: who invented the Captain Birds Eye character? Was it the advertising guru David Ogilvy? Sounds like something he might do.

    • Tony

      This is pure, unadulterated bullshit from Birds Eye. In a hard brexit, the UK gets to set it’s own import duties, which will be exactly zero for common foodstuffs. They think we’re fucking stupid!!! Project Fear’s multinational corp sponsors are getting ever more shrill and desperate, as they see their free market control of the UK through their EU lackeys slipping.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Republicofscotland February 19, 2019 at 17:03
      They should push them up 50%, give the fish stocks a chance to replenish.
      ‘It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good’.

    • N_

      It’s a bit of a giveaway that when they jump on her for saying it, they don’t actually deny it.

    • Laguerre

      The Lobby really has their teeth into the Guardian now (not that it’s any great surprise). All my very mild comments today referring to The Lobby were moderated (I do know how to write comments sufficiently subtle not to be moderated). It took a long time, so I guess it was a complaint from the Embassy, not the moderators themselves. The Graun had lightened up a lot recently and admitted Israelo-sceptic comments, the very pro-Israel moderator who deleted everything systematically also having departed. Now suddenly it’s all clammed up again. It’s not difficult to figure out why. The Lobby is very sensitive to the accusation that it’s involved in Berger’s anti-semitism crusade, because of course it’s the truth. It’s much like the case of Ruth George above.

      • Jo1

        Yes, same again today. Alarms appear to sound loudly in the Mod Room if Berger is referred to. I lost another three posts today plus another one in which I mentioned Watson. Like you, I was very careful with the wording.

        • SA

          Why bother commenting in the Guardian? Is it because of nostalgia or do you think it matters? If the Guardian want to present themselves as liberal in the old sense they have to let comments to be really free. In still contributing to their comments you are legitimising thier false claims of fierce unbiased journalism. I have given up.

          • Laguerre

            There’s no point in getting uptight about the Guardian. They are relatively moderate, better than the others, at any rate. You don’t find better elsewhere, among the MSM.

          • Dungroanin

            They sell the same shit but wrapped in a liberal package.

            They are not social democrats.

            The Mods work in a different building.

            They have no designated director in charge on the board, who can be held responsible for their policy – which seems to be tied ay the hip to the chindits 77th.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Laguerre February 20, 2019 at 10:40
            The Independent is streets ahead of them re comments section availability.

  • John Goss

    Yes welcome back to the Freakdom of Control. I sincerely hope that the declining Liberals don’t welcome these red Tories into their camp like they did with the Gang of Four. The Labour Party is better off without these bed-featherers. They are all militarists

    Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Mike Gape, Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Angela Smith and Chuka Umunna are all consistently militarists with Gapes being the only one to have waivered occasionally. They work for you has now got a new foreign policy heading called military action against ISIL (Daesh) but what it actually means when you open it up is did they support military intervention in Libya and Syria. They did.

    Most of them are Labour/Co-op members.

    Vote Corbyn and for genuine Labour MP’s. Oh, dear, I must be a paid Russian troll to say something like that. You wait and see. The other thing, especially with that Umunna man at the helm, the anti-s-m-t-sm card is going to be played time and again. These are nasty back-stabbers. I hope none of them gets re-elected. Goodbye to them.

  • Republicofscotland

    As Labour’s monsterous, or magnificent seven, which ever your prefer? Grab the headlines.

    The British government miniscule or again magnificent seven, depending on your outlook, isn’t so much in the spotlight.

    “With 29 March fast approaching, Britain has replaced only seven of the EU’s 69 collective preferential trade deals.”

    “The “magnificent seven” comprise Switzerland, Chile, Mauritius, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, the Faroe Islands and the Seychelles.”

    As for the Japanese setting sun over Britain, British arrogance doesn’t help any.

    “It takes a lot to anger the unfailingly polite, anglophile Japanese. But Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, and Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, appear to have managed it with their ill-judged attempt to hustle Tokyo into a quick-fire Brexit trade deal.”

    • freddy

      Watched “Passport to Pimlico” today (again). One of my favourites, but I love “Whisky Galore” too. Ealing propaganda, I know.

      • Laguerre

        “Passport to Pimlico” is not a good model for Brexiters. Pimlico had to give in in the end, and rejoin the system, because it didn’t work outside it. Though it was spun as a freely entered into “deal”.

        • Reg

          Passport to Pimlico was allegory to post war austerity that undermined support for Labour and brought Churchill back to power. So you criticism does not hold water as support for EU austerity and its neoliberal agenda only leaves the door open for the far right to pose as an opponent to EU imposed austerity, such as in Italy after Syrizas betrayal. Until the left abandon its abusive relationship with the EU and offer an alternative it will be an irrelevance.

  • Dungroanin

    Eddie Mair goes full mental anti-Corbyn on LBC with an extended interview with Jack Straw!

    The narrative crack whore like msm laying down a full barrage on the population before the now inevitable failure of the Tory government.

    • David

      and several obvious Military Oxymoron Intelligence ‘callers’/’genuine British folk’ [from their covert bunker], phoned up Eddie on LBC to praise the odious Straw and his proselytizing still for the Blair/Bush War on Terror. based at HMGCC or 77th covert PR?

      LBC did allow a couple of accurate world view callers through, but didn’t comment or amplify their point of view beyond allowing them a few minutes. it was scary to hear Straw’s views repeated ad nauseam every news bulletin, dumping on Corbyn, who I don’t even support.

  • Ingwe

    Disappointing that the 7 intellectual midgets were allowed to walk rather than be ejected from the Labour Party. Also disappointing to hear Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell still appeasing those MPs who are still bleating about Labour’s leadership and policies both approved by its membership. Instead, they should take the iniative and kick the likes of Margaret Hodge, Tom Watson and others out now.

    • 123Bakery

      The Seven Dwarfs. Let’s give them names. Me first 😉 Chuka can be, ummm, Vile Smarmy Disingenuous Traitor Dwarf. Then there’s I Just Said Something Blatantly Racist While Spouting Off About Antisemitism and In Doing So Revealed My True Hypocrite Colours Dwarf……that’s Angela the Racist Supporter of Israel Smith in case you couldn’t guess 😉 What a fun game!

    • Tony

      They were in the process of being ejected. They were deadwood which jumped before they were pushed.

  • Republicofscotland

    Re-Birth of a Nation, as Alabama newspaper editor calls for the return of the KKK, and the hanging of socialists/Democrats in America.

    Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is to run again for POTUS in 2020.

    • Jo1

      I can’t believe anyone would want Sanders to run. He’ll be 79 by the time the election comes around. That’s just bonkers.

    • N_

      Others 13%?? Those whose programs for deducing seat totals from voting intentions have been updated to account for TIG will probably be getting a predicted Tory majority of at least 150 seats, probably more, from those figures. Not a Lab-SNP-TIG-LibDem coalition, but a huge Tory majority.

      In 1983 the Tories won a majority of 144 even though their voteshare was smaller than in 1979.

    • Tony

      Yes, I was surprised by the Peter Gabriel inclusion. The cocktails and such on Necker Island are obviously rather persuasive.

  • nevermind

    Its harder to punish C.Chope, most likely to be deselected by his local party, for his support for upskirting and FGM, then it is to strip a young woman of her British nationality because she was married to an IS soldiers as a minor.

    And it is even easier to use the national broadcaster the msm and some religously challenged paper barons for an extensive smear campaign against the opposition, just because they cant stomach an end to their murderous austerity campaign.

    They should be putting gps collars on all MPs and if they somuch as to stray fromtheir constituency and or fly on freebies to support their zionist backers who ‘invest’ their illgotten gains to elect these split loyalists then put them in the stocks for a couple of days/weeks.

  • N_

    1) That’s four low-risk, widely publicised, highly symbolic acts of vandalistic display in quick succession:

    a) the hammer attack on Karl Marx’s grave;
    b) the spraypaint attack on same;
    c) the hanging of a Russian flag outside Salisbury Cathedral;
    d) a spraypaint attack on J__ish graves in France.

    Is there a coordinated effort to…polarise?

    2) On BBC Radio 4 today, the known Zionazi Margaret Hodge said that “the J__ish lobby” in the US is “very very powerful”. She didn’t say “the pro-I__aeli lobby”, a stupid phrase that many use; she said “J__ish lobby”. Imagine if a Gentile had said that!

    Hodge’s racism against white people is on the record. She accused 80% of white working class people in Barking as being “tempted” by the BNP. What an insulting woman I would have no problem with anybody saying that if it were true, but it is not true. Imagine if somebody said that more than 80% of those who self-identify as J__ish in Stoke Newington or Golders Green (or indeed the whole world) were supporters of the existence of the Zionazi occupationist regime in Palestine, a statement which is true.

    The reason why Margaret Hodge’s nephew skedaddled from the hotel in Praia da Luz in Portugal where Madeleine McCann was staying, leaving without checking out, several hours after she was reliably seen alive by creditable witnesses and a few hours before her “disappearance” was publicised, and some time before two individuals who became prime suspects were assisted by billionaire Philip Green, has yet to be explained.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ N_ February 19, 2019 at 19:47
      Margaret Hodge was of course correct. Al Jazeera did a similar sting program to the one they did here with Shai Masot, but the ‘Lobby’ in the States got it pulled.

  • Republicofscotland

    Who’d have guessed it the IG’s HQ is above a Wetherspoons pub called the Unicorn in Altrincham, who’s an ardent Brexiteer.

    Handy though if you fancy a wee lunchtime tipple.

  • Charles Bostock

    Meanwhike, Edinburgh City Council has agreed to impose a tax of £2 per night per person on overnight tourist stays in that fair city.

    Of course, this sort of stealth tax is common currency on the continent but I believe Edinburgh is the first city in the United Kingdom to impose it.

    Perhaps stealth tax King Gordon Broon – who is a Scot – thought up the idea.

    Anyway, it should be a useful little earner if Scotland ever becomes independent and loses out on grants from London under the Barnett formula.

    • Laguerre

      So it’s Broon’s fault, is it, without evidence, when Edinburgh does something which is standard practice elsewhere?

    • Stonky

      Of course, this sort of stealth tax is common currency on the continent…

      It can hardly be described as a ‘stealth tax’ when even a moron like you knows about it.

    • William Purves

      What bloody grants, it’s only part of the tax collected from Scotland being returned, after deducting money to fund spending on infrastructure in England and abroad deemed to be of benefit to the Scottish people, to Sco.tland

  • giyane

    MBS is a walking wallet so far as Pakistan is concerned. Have they not noticed what is happening in Yemen? Those wirey things are not strings, they are snares. MBS has been roundly defeated in his efforts to exterminate the Syrian Muslims so he’s looking for easier targets in Pakistan

    • Dungroanin

      There is hope. Not much i admit given Imrans mixed personal history.
      Saudi money has flowed for decades into that abused country – funding the military, wahhabisism of institutions, funding madrases to brainwash children from a very young age, to create the AQ sunni killers and Taliban supporters.
      Saudis and CIA have kept the abused and ignorant peasant citizens in their medeival mind sets that has produced violence and hatred against the ancient islam peoples of the subcontinent like the Suffis, Ishmaelis, the various Shiites etc as well as Khan’s own Pashtuns.

      That Khan, who married and had children with a jewish princess then divorced, is supplicating to the would be sultan of the sunni caliphet, chopper upper of his foes, the richest man in the world, MBS – Is either real politik on his part or a submission to the same malign forces.

      Consider that Pakistan has the HIGHEST infant mortality rate in the world! Worse than all the places where there are no state institutions.

      Either Khan is playing a canny game and hugging the enemy to steal his money and then turn on him and join the great Chinese belt and braces project – as he surely should – or he is another puppet that keeps infants dying and a unevolving ignorant population as slaves to Riyadh.

      Whattcha think G?

      • giyane

        I think nobody will ever change by being bullied. Whether by integrity initiative , ERG, imams , sultans, or anybody else.
        Heidi Allen has just given her statement on her resignation. We can’t resign as Muslims but we can criticise the understanding of Islam of those who believe in tyranny. Now Sarah Wollaston has spoken about Mrs May running down the clock on brexit.

        May is running down the clock on Yemen. May and MbS are intransigent, secretive tyrants. There is a rule in Islam that those who are in the right are also in the wrong if they try to force others to agree with things they refuse to accept from their knowledge and experience.

        Tyranny is always wrong.

    • michael norton

      According to Wikipedia there are now 11 LibDem M.P.’s
      then 11 Independent Group M.P.’s
      then a further 8 Independents.

      so if they joined into a gang that would make 30 anti Brexiteers

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Craig
    ‘…This ties in with the report yesterday by MPs advocating more governmental control of Facebook to tighten the permitted narrative still further….’
    I just tried to put the link to the film ‘Missing’ (about Pinochet’s US-backed and planned US coup) on my Facebook page, and it refused to accept it, saying it ‘looked like spam’.
    Here is the link, well worth watching by anyone who hasn’t seen it before, especially younger commenters, especially with the Venezuelan crisis being pushed by the US and it’s cronies:

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Investigating Venezuela’s Hunger Crisis: Max Blumenthal Tours a Supermarket in Caracas’:
    The food is very expensive, and not many people in the Supermarket, but as you can see, there is pretty much everything available.
    It’s the hoarding, re-export, and deliberate withholding of products to deliberately destabilise the country and cause public discontent by the rich supporters of US intervention.
    Incidentally, there is a demo today, Saturday at the Bank of England (Bank Underground Station) at 13:00 to call for the release of Venezuela’s gold, and for no war against Venezuela.

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