The Unprincipled – and Potentially Racist – Lib Dems 267

One might hope the role of the monarchy in the prorogation plot, and then Theresa May’s cronies getting honours in her resignation list, might do enough to undermine public confidence in some of the systems that define the British establishment. But the honours list will shortly be further devalued by political muck as Jo Swinson’s office is proffering peerages and knighthoods in the dissolution honours to candidates and their constituency chairmen in winnable seats, if they are willing to make way for Blairite entryists like Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger.

The difficulty is that a Lib Dem candidate in South West London or South West England has a very good chance of becoming an MP in the next election. It is not obvious to many why they should make way for a right wing war hawk with no connection to liberalism who has only just joined the party. Swinson sees the certainty of the Lords in exchange for a prospect of the Commons as a fair offer. Many ordinary party members would see this as beyond words sordid.

One person not being offered a peerage is Clareine Enderby, the Lib Dem candidate for the normally no LibDem hope seat of Finchley and Golders Green. There has been massive media speculation that she will stand down for Luciana Berger to replace her, and to be fair, Ms Enderby has been making plain that, so far as she is concerned, there is no vacancy.

As the Jewish Chronicle points out, it is by no means certain that Berger would want to stand in Finchley as opposed to a more normally winnable Lib Dem target, if Swinson can promise to boot an incumbent candidate into the Lords to make way for her.

The entire shenanigans leave an extremely bad taste in the mouth. Abuse of the honours system and pandering to the desires of the most unprincipled career politicians in the country are just the start of it. The Blairites repeatedly justified their hostility to Corbyn by saying that they had a personal mandate from their constituents. Yet at the first opportunity they are running like rabbits from the judgement of their constituents in the hope of finding more malleable ones.

If Ms Enderby is indeed replaced by Luciana Berger she will be a victim of racism, as the sole grounds on which Ms Berger is being touted as preferable for that particular constituency is her ethnicity. Victims of racism do not always themselves wish to complain due to societal or personal pressures. But I should certainly be entering a formal complaint about it.


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267 thoughts on “The Unprincipled – and Potentially Racist – Lib Dems

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  • N_

    Jo Swinson has said that in the event of a hung parliament after the next general election her party the Liberal Democrats will not form a coalition with either Labour or the Tories, nor will it support either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn. What a scumbag.

    After the Tories helped her party to 23% in 2010, they no longer needed its support five years later and so they let go of it, and the Liberal Democrat voteshare fell to 8% and then further to 7% in 2017. Since I can’t envisage Johnson either making an “I agree with Jo” move or being replaced by a non-swivelhead Tory who’d make one, I won’t be surprised if Liberal Democrat support falls even further in the next election. Whatever these renowned a*seholes say at their conference or in the studios is filler or chewing gum for the mind. Forget these b*stards. It’s Enoch Powell versus the rest (OK, perhaps while the Steinerites in Extinction Rebellion take down the airports), and the anti-Enoch side has to fight with both hands behind its back because it can’t admit what fight is actually being fought. Which might give you a clue as to who is going to win. Against this background, David Cameron, the man who cited gay marriage as among his greatest achievements in 7 years as prime minister, is actually looking like quite a reasonable and honest guy when he says he is sorry for the state the country is in (I can never remember any leading British politician saying anything like that), or at least he looks good compared with the nutcase crooks currently running the government who are hell-bent on smashing the country up.

    Meanwhile the BBC, yes the BBC, reports that Boris Johnson will tell Jean-Claude Juncker in Luxembourg that he “won’t stand for an extension” and that he will “warn” the EU that he “won’t tolerate any further delay”, and that “such a move would be a big mistake”. That is just the kind of crazy muck that has been fed to complete ignoramuses, the kind of xenophobic Sun readers who currently pass for “the people” in this country as far as the ruling class are concerned. Anyone with any intelligence and reading comprehension knows that an extension will only happen if Britain requests one and EU27 says yes. But no, for the state media in this country, the question has to be portrayed Sunnically, as Mr Posh Straightback in the Union Jack warning the fuzzywuzzies. Get me out of here…

    • Sharp Ears

      I agree with Kawczynski here. All the changelings should stand for re-election under their new colours, that is if they had any principles.

      ‘If you are going to kick your electorate in the teeth and betray the hard work and loyalty of local party members who were out in rain delivering your leaflets at least have the decency to hold a by-election to allow your voters a say. @SamGyimah ‘

  • michael norton

    yes, the LibDem lot are unprincipled, 52% of the people who voted at the 2016 Referendum wished to exit from the European Union.
    So if the LibDem lot get their fantasy wish they will be sticking two fingers up to Democracy.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Boris Johnson refused on Sunday to rule out a second proroguation of Parliament immediately after debates on the Queen’s speech. Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Julian Smith again refused to rule out this course of action this morning. It’s a trap people. They’re trying to goad the Supreme Court into finding against them.
    Cummings knows the only way forward is to gain a “people v’s Parliament”, General Election. The more times Johnson’s Government are seen to be “kicked in the teeth by an undemocratic elite”, the better their campaign will play.
    The tricky part is obtaining the three month A50 extension without Johnson taking the blame for it. Tricky because although a Vote of No Confidence is achievable after that things get messy. Thanks to Jo Swinson, graduate of the Wile E. Coyote school of strategy, agreeing on a caretaker Prime Minister and a reason for applying for an A50 extension (GE or Referendum?) will be near impossible in the 14 days following the VoNC. Perhaps Joanna Cherry’s hairbrained, letter from the Court of Session scheme will come to Johnson’s rescue? If on the 14th day after the VoNC when Johnson hasn’t requested an audience with the Queen (’cause he hasn’t really been trying to form a working majority) and Parliament hasn’t been able to agree on a caretaker Prime Minister, then perhaps in those circumstances and only those circumstances, Brussels would accept a letter from the CoS.

  • michael norton

    Quote Jo Swinson “There is no limit to my ambition for our party.”
    “A Liberal Democrat government would revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit on day one”, leader Jo Swinson has vowed.

    In her first speech to the party’s conference as leader, she reiterated its policy of overturning the law ensuring the U.K. will leave the E.U.

    A No-Deal-Hard-Brexit would be like “burning your house down”, Ms. Swinson added.

    The East Dunbartonshire M.P. also appealed to Scottish voters to reject the S.N.P. and join a “Bigger movement for change” across U.K. to stop Hard-Brexit.

    Ahead of an expected general election, Ms. Swinson said “She could not wait to take on Boris Johnson, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.”

    The Lib Dems currently have 18 M.P.s – a figure boosted with recent turncoats – but it would require a seismic shift in the electoral landscape for them to win power.

    Nevertheless, Ms. Swinson received a standing ovation when she told the conference she wanted to be prime minister, adding:
    “There is no limit to my ambition for our party.”

    She is really full of herself, tottaly deluded.

    • michael norton

      I wonder if Jo Swinson can bite her lip and allow Jeremy Corbyn to become caretaker Prime minister?

  • michael norton

    Luciana Berger: Ex-Labour M.P. to fight London seat for Lib Dems
    Luciana has chosen not to contest her current seat, Liverpool Wavertree, which she has represented since 2010.

    Ms. Berger quit Labour in February, blaming a culture of anti-Semitism in the party and personal attacks on her.

    So she has been parachuted into a Jewish dominated area.

    Let us hope the Jewish people are not so stupid and they see through her turncoat demeanour.

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