An Open Letter to Lady Dorrian 316

My name is Nadira Murray, wife of Craig Murray. On the 7th of June Craig will be sent to prison per your decision under the law of contempt of court.

I understand and fully support your decision of protecting sexual assault victims however I do not feel Craig has been judged fairly. Craig even wouldn’t tell me the women’s names or identities, or ever foul mouth them during the trial when I asked about it.

Craig does protect and previously had directly helped many women who suffered abuse including a few women’s asylum seekers’ cases, without any payment.

In my country Uzbekistan, he sourced British government funding as well as giving his own money for victims of domestic abuse in a hospital refuge in Samarkand. These were women who had attempted to burn themselves to death with kerosine this is a local culture for abused women.

I have been living with Craig for almost two decades now, and I know him as a gentle soul, a helpful human being, a kind partner and a loving dad to his four children.

Having come from an abused background and then police state, I know exactly what trauma is, and your unfair decision is a form of power abuse, which brings back my own PTSD trauma from my own country from authorities.

I gave birth recently, with a 3 months old baby now, and have a 12 year old son, and my work from home – Craig has been a helpful hand and the main income in the household. My children need their daddy, I need my partner.

Him being under my watch (as his doctors stated his conditions are pulmonary hypertension, APS and atrial fibrillation, among other illnesses) I worry his health is not suitable for the prison which you ignored and took away his basic human rights. Prison hospitals are not suitable for his type of serious illness!

I believe you are sending him to a deliberate death sentence knowing and ignoring his health conditions.

I urge you to reconsider the sentence and allow Craig to be at home with his children who need him.

Yours sincerely,

Nadira Murray
4 June 2021

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316 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Lady Dorrian

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  • stuart mctavish

    Notwithstanding that the mental gymnastics required to write Para 6 (Issue 1) of the opinion would tend to confirm that it was derived from a prejudgement of guilt, the logic used infers that that guilt follows, not from adding to someone else’s jigsaw piece, but from providing the potential starting point for a hypothetical one (!)

    Surely the logical extension of that would be that not only could there be only one guilty party of this type of contempt, but that that guilty party must inevitably be the Crown for failing to sufficiently disguise the witness(es) it allegedly wanted to remain anonymous in the first place.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Dear Lady Dorrian

    Whilst I have no personal knowledge of Mr Murray’s character, as described by his long-standing wife, I would like to heartily endorse her sentiments that:

    1. Mr Murray should in no way be enduring a prison sentence for what he has been convicted of purportedly doing.
    2. If he does need to serve a prison sentence, then so do several other journalists of major MSM titles (you know, the ones that are fellating both the First Minister and the UK Government), whose ability to trigger ‘jigsaw identification’ of witnesses was shown in rigorous market research to be far greater than that of Mr Murray.
    3. His medical conditions and his recent fatherhood for the fourth time suggest decisively that society would benefit far more greatly by him being at home with his family.

    I am not a Scottish resident, hence I have no interest in gutter-level SNP politics. Whilst I am no admirer of Nicola Sturgeon, I will not have the right to vote in Scotland any time soon and hence any opinion I hold about Scottish politics is entirely irrelevant on election days.

    What I do have is a very strong opinion that the Scottish Legal System, far from having covered itself in glory recently, has in fact covered itself in the sort of agricultural material that all passionate Scottish football supporters no doubt hope will be dropped on the England team, management and National Association sometime in the next 7 days.

  • Justice for Framed Men by UK Judges

    Britain’s justice system is at an all-time low; it was *never* a system to be admired: witness the stitching up of “Birmingham Six” and “Guildford Four” – all innocent men, all framed by British police and judicial system, all men who spent wasted long years of their lives behind bars, blamed simply because they were Irish-born. This shows the deeply corrupt prejudice of the British judicial system.
    The same applies to Julian Assange – another man framed by the British – horrific human rights abuses – the man is being tortured to death by a British judge whose sister lectures on psychosocial theory at Birkbeck – the irony !!! Would any person passionate about human rights want to study at Birkbeck knowing who they employ?
    Now Craig Murray’s appalling miscarriage of justice – throwing another innocent man in jail, accusing him of “contempt of court” – I despair of the UK.

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