An Open Letter to Lady Dorrian 315

My name is Nadira Murray, wife of Craig Murray. On the 7th of June Craig will be sent to prison per your decision under the law of contempt of court.

I understand and fully support your decision of protecting sexual assault victims however I do not feel Craig has been judged fairly. Craig even wouldn’t tell me the women’s names or identities, or ever foul mouth them during the trial when I asked about it.

Craig does protect and previously had directly helped many women who suffered abuse including a few women’s asylum seekers’ cases, without any payment.

In my country Uzbekistan, he sourced British government funding as well as giving his own money for victims of domestic abuse in a hospital refuge in Samarkand. These were women who had attempted to burn themselves to death with kerosine this is a local culture for abused women.

I have been living with Craig for almost two decades now, and I know him as a gentle soul, a helpful human being, a kind partner and a loving dad to his four children.

Having come from an abused background and then police state, I know exactly what trauma is, and your unfair decision is a form of power abuse, which brings back my own PTSD trauma from my own country from authorities.

I gave birth recently, with a 3 months old baby now, and have a 12 year old son, and my work from home – Craig has been a helpful hand and the main income in the household. My children need their daddy, I need my partner.

Him being under my watch (as his doctors stated his conditions are pulmonary hypertension, APS and atrial fibrillation, among other illnesses) I worry his health is not suitable for the prison which you ignored and took away his basic human rights. Prison hospitals are not suitable for his type of serious illness!

I believe you are sending him to a deliberate death sentence knowing and ignoring his health conditions.

I urge you to reconsider the sentence and allow Craig to be at home with his children who need him.

Yours sincerely,

Nadira Murray
4 June 2021

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315 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Lady Dorrian

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  • velofello

    Isn’t there a policy in Scots judicial proceedings of a presumption against imprisonment of less than one year?

    In this case against Craig Murray :

    • There is no injured party(ies); no theft; no treason; no financial indebtedness.

    The charge seems to be simply one of disrespecting authority – in the opinion of authority.

    • Shatnersrug

      Yes, but it’s been clear for a while that the law matters not anymore, only the perception of the law. Sturgeon bailed out the Scottish press, they all survive on grants, so they have dutifully maintained the perception that justice is served.

  • Runner77

    I fear that any appeals to the better nature of these people underestimate the depth of evil that has engulfed the Scottish legal system.

    Is there a fund set up to support Craig’s family in his absence?

  • Louis Celine

    Craig, there is no need for such letter. Nobody will believe it and will not make any difference. Try to be brave and confront the situation.

    • John Cleary

      Louis, I assume you write in good faith. I’ll give you my reply.

      It is based on a great deal of experience.

      The need for such a letter is to make sure that the liars cannot later make the claim “We didn’t know. You can’t blame me for what happened. Dammit!”.

      Craig Murray has demonstrated his Bravery and courage many times.

      It is for these very acts of bravery that he is being crucified by Queen Elizabeth II, with the active connivance of Holyrood, of the Scottish legal trade in its entirety and (unless something happens at the last minute) of the Kirk.

      These people know what’s going on. They are despicable. And they must not lie their way out of responsibility.

    • porkpie

      Wow, thanks for your input. Craig did not write the letter, I believe it, he has been incredibly stoical, and has confronted the the situation he has been placed in from the start.

      I agree it will not make any difference, so you got that right I spose….

    • Shatnersrug

      Louis you’re comment makes you sound like an ignoramus

      And mods stop deleting my comments just because my language gets a bit fruity.

      This pompous need that liberals have to always be seen to be above anger is exactly why authoritarians have found it so easy to remove our rights.

      You’re all to busy making sure everyone can see you play fair rather than actually making a stand. We’re not in the world of the debating society anymore, we have to start punching back

    • Lyn Hay

      Louis Celine – this is the second time you’ve made a total arse of yourself here. Reflect on the meaning of living in a ‘state of grace’.

    • DunGroanin

      Louis – your concern touches my heart, I’m going to send a further donation as I am sure you are digging deep to pony up too, you kind, thoughtful, generous soul, bless you.

  • Alf Baird

    What is also enlightening is that no elected Scottish politician, with the exception of Kenny MacAskill, has expressed concern over this injustice or the other political persecutions. This means the SNP elite has made its ‘accommodation with colonialism’.

      • Josh R

        Thought the same myself,
        No idea what’s going on away from the public eye, but I’m sure CM is getting that old (& to CM, not unfamiliar) lesson in who his mates really are.
        Depressing to think public figures are remaining silent, but then who is left to report anything said in support of CM? Will probably hear more outrage from the few remaining voices holding ‘power’ to account across the pond.
        Starting to think the prisoners of conscience are starting to outnumber investigative journalists & Truth2Power talkers, especially when they’re often one & the same.

      • Bayard

        The beauty, to the PTB, of the muzzled MSM, is that, if dissent is confined to the blogosphere, then the chilling effect of injustice need go no further than the blogosphere, either. When injustice needs to be done, only the people who need to see injustice being done, get to see injustice being done.

      • DunGroanin

        Are you thick or something?
        Do you really want an open goal that such an intervention would create?

        Get real, AS is no doubt hundred percent supporting without that support causing CM further harm by the bloody hand of Dordorian.

        If you don’t understand just wait until it matters and the Bastille is built – I can guess who’ll be leading the charge!

        • Shatnersrug

          I don’t expect Alex to put his soul on the line at all, I can understand a low profile and it wouldn’t be reported anyway. But a tweet maybe? Still I guess the entire subject is extremely contentious right now

      • katielass04

        Actually, yes, he has. But he is not in a position to be able to do a darn thing for Craig. The justice system have all the power & nothing ANYONE says will help.

  • David Swift

    Where is the outcry against this persecution?
    I hardly need to ask what sort of country we live in
    Now I know for certain
    Keep strong Craig, your stand is brave
    No matter what happens with the judgement
    This event will not be forgotten

    • Shatnersrug

      I don’t expect Alex to put his soul on the line at all, I can understand a low profile and it wouldn’t be reported anyway. But a tweet maybe? Still I guess the entire subject is extremely contentious right now

  • John O’Donnell, Brisbane

    Craig, you are not going to jail for jigsaw identification. You will be imprisoned for being a pain in the watsit to the British government. Sad but true.
    A friend of mine recently came up with a legal scheme to avoid paying tax and asked my opinion on the legalities.
    I responded that if no one paid any attention then nothing would happen but if enough people did as he suggests then he could expect a knock on the door at 0300 and Mr plod would conveniently find enough coke or similar to put him away for a long time. It’s just how the system works.

  • Peter Mo

    Judgements are meant to be delivered without the hint of bias. That is why jury members are carefully screened to remove any conflict of interest.
    With contempt of court charges obviously a judge has a vested interest in maximizing the status of the court. That is why in this case a jury going through the accepted safeguards should have been a no brainer.
    A judge relies on precedent but when there is little or no precedent there is truly a case for jury trials.

  • Giyane

    The advent of Closed Circuit TV and the use of miniature cameras we all carry round in our pockets has changed the meaning of police work and Justice.

    The powers that be can and do intrude continuously into what we normally build houses to conceal. This has fundamentally changed how police and judges see human beings in this country. OK, spying was the main system.of control in the Ottoman Empire, but it has always been anathema here.

    We British have got to adjust our mindset to encompass the new reality that whatever we are doing in our houses we are doing in public , like dogs in the street. What used to be a physical barrier to provide us with privacy is now an allegiance barrier. Those inside the power clique are also being filmed, but their allegiance to the corrupt state buys them their privacy instead of walls.

    How could the powers be not start to see us as dogs in the street? How could they not fail to believe that we , like them, could easily have bought our privacy by subscribing to the clique in power. We are to blame for our lack of privacy.

    Hence the PTB believe they can dispense with Juries who are able to assess public behaviour submitted by the barristers, while the judges themselves can see our private behaviour.

    I strongly suspect that Police Scotland have cctv footage from British Intelligence of private and perfectly legal activity of Alex Salmond. This has convinced the Clique in power of Salmond not being innocent, even though in a court of law, especially Scottish Law, all such cctv evidence whether true or manufactured, would be inadmissible as irrelevant.

    If this is the reason for Lady Dorrian’s outrage at Craig Murray’s assistance to Alex Salmond, then she is operating a form of Law which is outside the Law.
    Making people guilty of charges that are not on the statute book, like the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland.

    And since I do not believe the Lady Dorrian to be either mad nor bad, I believe she has been got at by British Intelligence. It’s a hard lesson we all have to learn, particularly hard for us effete Brits, that if we ignore politics, politics has a tendency to bite us in the bum when we care not looking.

    For a British man to appeal to a European Court would not work, simply because a European Court would not understand why Lady Dorrian knows nothing about politics. They would do what the Europeans did about the Skripals, just say the British are mad but we stick with our European partners.

    No point appealing to the British Supreme Court .

    We have got to become like the inhabitants of the Ottoman Empire and assume that we are 24/7 surveillance wherever and whatever we do.
    We British have once again become our enemies.
    We are what Istanbul used to be, a nasty Caliphate driven by politics and oiled by Cctv. Çlosed circuit , private circuit, 24/7 recording of every thought and private deed.

  • David Llewellyn Smith

    Dear Craig,
    You have fought the good fight, and will be in the thoughts of many across the globe. All the best to you and your family in these dark days.
    Un abrazo fuerte!

  • wonky

    When a country starts locking up its critics, you know what time it is. Plenty of examples, all of them ugly stains in the history books.
    Thank you for everything Mr Murray, you are a brave man! This isn’t over yet.

  • Deb O'Nair

    Being a dissident blogger and a vocal critic of the government would make Craig a hero in the media if he was a Russian.

  • stuart mctavish

    Lets hope there’s an error in Nadira’s first paragraph since the act of union decrees that there should be no leave to appeal to any English court arising from contempt of a Scottish one – whereas there may be latitude to allow such if the judgement has in fact been for breach of a court order purported to have been issued in accordance with Westminster statute.

    Otherwise, given the number of micro aggressions against the Lady Dorrian in the comments despite the utterly prejudiced decision on guilt having been taken by 3 judges acting together, she might be both obliged to deny leave to appeal AND inclined to up the sentence to the maximum on the basis that the contempt has escalated (as desired?) since the judgement & sentencing (an act which, if not necessarily part of the original cunning plan, could arguably be asserted simply by referring back to the spurious element of the original charge about Craig’s criminal responsibility for anonymous third party comments that her colleagues appear to have agreed with earlier).

  • Jeremy Gilchrist

    Good morning Craig.
    I am thinking about you and caring about you and what might happen today.

    You were there for the victims of torture.
    You were there for Julian Assange.
    You were there for me, I will be there for you.
    I am not the only one.
    You are not alone.
    Love, Jeremy.

    ps Hi Nadira. Good letter. Hope to meet you soon.

  • DunGroanin

    Let’s get dialling
    The Lady Muckbeth will be observed gleefully blooding her hands.

    I see the blue monkey troll army is circling on Twitter – wretches , soulless, mundane …

    I stand with Craig Murray.

  • Robert Dyson

    Craig has my support in this ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ abuse of power. This case will resonate for decades to come because of its absurdity.

    • Giyane

      Robert Dyson

      It might seem absurd to you or me, but it doesn’t seem absurd to the PTB to bypass the Law of the land and utilise as different set of laws that have been steadily strengthened over the years by Gladio style events organised by the security services.

      Today’s events are the logical conclusion to the corruption of government by MI5 , which is mirrored exactly be the corruption of foreign policy by MI6.

      In many ways today is the living proof that all Craig’s fears and concerns about the intelligence services were well justified, just as Julian Assange’s encarceration. This is the moment of truth in which all those who have nothing to hide are in peril of being imprisoned, while all those who have plenty to hide can buy their freedom by subscribing to the SS.

      It isn’t a Scottish phenomenon, it is British. But maybe the cause of Dissent against the predicted Nazism of the British Establishment has sought refuge in Scotland and the Bastards That Be want to cut off that Scottish dissent in the bud.

      It has never been clearer than today that everything Craig Murray has been warning about for the last 17 years is true. They want war, they will get war, even if some of those who have joined the recruits of BTB are from political Islam. Political Islam spent centuries assisting the British in colonising their own countries.
      They won’t find it so easy to suck British Establishment cock here.

      • Alf Baird


        Such is invariably the case in a colony that there are sections of the native population, “particularly among the bourgeoisie” (Fanon), who are more than content to be “assisting the British in colonising their own countries”.

        Albert Memmi on assimilation: “The first attempt of the colonized is to change his skin. There is a tempting model close at hand – the colonizer (who is) the other part of the comparison, the one that crushes the colonized and keeps him in servitude. The first ambition of the colonized is to become equal to that splendid model and to resemble him to the point of disappearing in him.”

        There is of course a negative side to this in that, as we see in this instance: “the crushing of the colonized is included among the colonizer’s values (and) as soon as the colonized adopts these values, he similarly adopts his own condemnation.”

        • giyane

          Alf Baird

          ” as soon as the colonized adopts these values, he similarly adopts his own condemnation.”

          The female Scottish shrink who talked with me in hospital after my breakdown in 1987 tried the line that I ” condoned ” the behaviour which was now distressing me and that I should go the whole way and abandon all morality in order to feel better.

          Colonisation is only a small part of satanism and there are many other branches of temptation . As soon as the coloniser ( satan ) offers their victim to change their beliefs, and if the victim agrees to change, they condemn them for changing.

          You may prefer your conscience to be externalised in the concept of colonisation, but I prefer my conscience to be expressed in its raw , religious form. Abandoning the absolutes of divine revelation is to me, to throw out my toolkit, drills, testing equipment and stepladders.
          Without religion the discussion becomes : Why are you being nasty? Because you are nasty. I’m big, you’re small. I’m right, you’re wrong.

          My religion cuts to the quick, that all spying is prohibited. Nobody can judge a person , using information obtained by spying and prohibiting the use of the defendant’s own testimony and the testimony of others who are their peers. English Law is founded on Christianity but in this secular age the state thinks it can invent a better Law than one based on divine revelation.

          Better for whom?

          • Alf Baird


            Yes, the irony in so many respectable bourgeoisie church goers on a Sunday, unaware that “a nation which colonizes is a civilization which is morally diseased” (Cesaire). Surely no coincidence that the Treaty of Union protected the status and privileges of two principal groups – the church and the legal establishment – the two key institutions that kept the Scots in line.

            As Tom Nairn reputedly said: “Until the last minister is strangled with the last copy of the Sunday Post, Scotland will never be free”.

  • nevermind

    That was short and inconclusive, imho. but the interference and apparent inability for Craig to hear the first bits from a dedicated net connection puzzled me as much as the lack of any test for jigsaw identification via one piece of the jigsaw.

  • DunGroanin

    Um..err…ahh..Lord bull? …”no” Lord arseluck? “NO” …er going to consider it now and have full written submission by 10.00 am tomorrow… guaranteed (cause it arrived tied to Williams ankle last week) … yeah hypothetically will think about not sending CM down so Roddy can go knocking on Supreme Courts door …. HYPOTHETICALLY.

    I don’t think she actually said that is what she would do – just that it was hypothetical?

    Yup – the bench and prosecutor sounded …nervous… the world’s attention is here and I want to see flags in Cornwall and US and G7 gravy train ‘reporters’ being asked about ‘democracy’ and ‘journalistic freedom’ in Scotland- never mind Byelorussia.

    When shall we meet again? Same time, same place, tomorrow.

    And how come CM’s internet keeps failing when I had perfectly good signal in mobile phone from London?

      • DunGroanin

        Till tomorrow- while she, sorry I mean they, consider the submissions by Nadira and the stout defence lawyers dance that has got them wondering if it’s criminal or civil and the prosey is looking like Stan Laurel crying and diddling his hair as his boss has gone awol and there seems to be a rush to find a scapegoat… First impressions, you understand , so I probably have it all wrong. I expect we won’t hear from CM and co today – so as not to give the Crown any excuse.

        • Ian

          We can but hope that this is a good sign that they have belatedly realised the reputational damage this eccentric, evidence-free sentence will do to them, the Scottish courts and Scotland itself internationally. And that they are looking at a way out – they have been provided with copious evidence of the iniquitous, unprecedented nature of the charges and the unsound judgement, clearly affected by personal animosity. They need an exit route, which they can dress up as a legal clemency or some such. I think they know this – the question is do they have the cojones to do it, and probably piss off two senior establishment figures. My guess is that they are internally at odds with each other and need to find a way to climb down while retaining the appearance of applying the law. Fingers crossed.

          • Ian

            I should also add that I think the threat of an appeal which would result in a scathing and resounding assessment of Scotland’s freedom of speech and repressive political atmosphere would give them pause for thought, and something they would seek to avoid. I hope, at least, there is some modicum of common sense and self-awareness in her colleagues, if not in her. They are potentially on a hiding to nothing here, and this is their last chance to apply some balance and proportion.

  • John Monro

    Hello Craig,

    Best wishes from New Zealand. Craig, I’m sure you must be inordinately proud of your wonderful wife, and you’ll be very protective of her and your family. Others have commented the letter won’t change anything, but that’s not the point, it does achieve something, perhaps not with a hard-hearted justice, but to any humane person reading it, and understanding the situation, it’s a striking example of the malign presence of useful inhumanity to corrupt even relatively democratic societies. Assange of course has experienced this in even greater contemptuous fashion. Worrying times, just as well it’s reported today that the US/UK “Special Relationship” is alive and thriving, where would be be without it?

    • nevermind

      there should be no prison whatsoever Spencer, it is not that he has committed a crime or failed to pay a due charge, he should be given community service or receive a fine. Bad things always happen in tandem, was told of my sisters death, late, it happened May18th,, from cancer yesterday, too short a time to go to her funeral tomorrow under this covid regime chaos.

      I hope that they will see the errors of their way by tomorrow and suspend his sentence.

      • Shatnersrug

        I’m sorry Nevermind that hurts so much. I too had some bad news yesterday, my dear friend of 30 years phoned me yesterday to say he has advanced lung cancer, in his spine now. Between that and Craig I’ve been very distracted in my thoughts.

      • Giyane

        Sorry to hear of your sister’s death.
        I don’t know if it is possible here, but we recently found a simple mobile video of the grave and mourners at my wife’s father’s recent funeral a great comfort. Travel chaos cannot be helped so a visual memory is the next best thing to actually being there and you can catch up with your family by phone and travel later hopefully.
        I hope somebody can be persuaded to do that for you.

    • Shatnersrug

      Spencer this is a really dumb comment. Craig has severe health issues and little baby to look after.

      Craig’s illness is such that he may not survive 8 months of prison. He requires daily medications and I know from talking to many in the penal system that prisons quite often do not dispense daily and patients are often left to suffer. Also removing and re-administering daily medication now and then is in itself enough to kill someone in poor health.

      Craig must do whatever he can to stay out of prison.

      • Spencer Eagle

        Hardly a dumb comment. Never forget, you aren’t dealing in compassion or understanding with the likes of Lady Dorrian, she’s an establishment drone, the clue is in her title – they aren’t wired to process forgiveness or sympathy. I know I’m not in Craig’s position, and however perverse it may seem, I do believe a public attitude of ‘OK, now jail me’ would have had a far more effective chance of a non custodial sentence than ‘I’m not well’.

        • Jimmy Riddle

          Spencer Eagle – I get the strong impression that Craig Murray knows *exactly* what he is doing here – and he is well aware that *if* he gets a custodial sentence, particularly when all the considerations are laid out in detail, this will demonstrate very, very clearly the corruption at the heart of the Scottish judiciary.

          A very brave (and self sacrificial) man.

  • nevermind

    thank you for all the kind messages, situations are what they are, here to be overcome or accepted.

    I for one cannot accept such politically orientated justice when there was no crime committed. It was not very clever to try and make out that Craig acted in contempt of court. Imho this is not how you advance your position in life, unless you do not value it.

      • nevermind

        Thanks Brian, good to hear from you again. Hope you are on the way up (to the mountain). Might see you in August. take care and my best to Kristin.

  • Michael Streeter

    Please give us the address in prison. I will write a letter, or send a postcard if closed envelopes are forbidden.

  • pete

    Nadira’s letter is both informative and moving, in that sense I can see no problem with making it an open letter to Lady Dorrian that is shared with the readers of this blog. This is because it is not only Craig who is in the dock here but Scottish Justice, all the instigators and actors who have set this process in motion and Lady Dorrian herself who will be judged by the outcome. I suspect that the reason the decision has been deferred until tomorrow is either to give lip service to the idea that the matter will be properly considered or else to wonder what the chances of any further career advancement for the right honourable lady is if she makes a wrong move at this stage. A decent person would let the matter stop here or make a fine of half a farthing, Lady Dorrian will let us know what sort of person she is tomorrow.

    • giyane


      Imho the powers that be have invested a lot of intellectual capital in entrapping Craig and so far they have succeeded in rattling him a little. The final decision is nothing whatsoever to do with Lady Dorrian because a senior judge is way below in the pecking order in this poltical trial. Lady Dorrian can see that she has been used and abused, having been told that Salmond and Murray are worse than paedophiles when they are both normal, kindly law-abiding citizens.

      James Wolffe got the boot and Lady Dorrian probably will too. The CIA has a habit of imprisoning its own agents. Covert operations are not social work. The CIA certainly don’t care one sausage if James Wolffe and Lady Dorrian are made to look like incompetent and unpleasant fools.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Craig, I really hope, as just about everyone who comes here hopes, that you do not go to prison. But if the worst happens, will your family be provided for financially? Can we help if needed – and how? Can Nadira access funds we send via the appeals on the page?

    I think it would be a weight off your mind knowing that your family is not in financial difficulty in your absence. You won’t be able to post here, except perhaps by proxy, so it may be worth at least ensuring we have a way to help you out IF the worst happens.

    • Ian

      The only problem with your argument, Jaggy, is that Dorrian in her ruling claimed that any individual with private knowledge of these woman, who could then identify one or more of them through the ‘completion’ of the jigsaw via Craig’s blog, was reason enough to convict him. She thus tried to avoid the question of other media’s evidence.

      Of course her claim is nonsense, since it is based on entirely hypothetical scenarios for which there is not a shred of evidence. How could she know of such situations when nobody has claimed to have been informed by this ‘method’. It is such a tenuous claim that it would actually rule out all the available and widely distributed press and media reports of the trial, since they were liable to contribute to such a speculative scenario, without their knowing. So if Craig is prosecuted, they should all be. She has made a specific rule by which virtually all discussion of the case is illegal, since the slightest indication of the women’s particular case may reveal who they are to a friend or colleague. So it sets an extremely illiberal and entirely unprovable precedent, which surely her colleagues will recognise as untenable and dangerous for future rullings. The law must be based on evidential, reasoned arguments, which they are clearly not here.

      • Alf Baird

        “nobody has claimed to have been informed by this ‘method’”

        Quite, there is no individual complainant or witness involved, ergo no injured party as such. The case was brought and pursued by the Crown for its own purposes, whatever they may be, with the justices then endeavoring to complete their own jigsaw ‘opinion’ on the sole basis of Craig’s articles and tweet, which unfortunately all appears rather contrived.

        As you rightly say: “The law must be based on evidential, reasoned arguments, which they are clearly not here.”

  • Tim

    I sent the following email to [email protected]. Other people might like to send their own emails…?

    Dear Amnesty,

    I would like to bring your attention to the case of Craig Murray, a former UK ambassador, whistle blower and human rights activist, who has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for the crime of “jigsaw identification”. Craig has serious health conditions, and may not survive this sentence.

    Craig went to great lengths to avoid such identification, and is innocent as charged. No evidence was presented that anyone had been identified, and the evidence that he brought that no-one had been identified was disallowed. The judge in the case showed flagrant and manifest bias, claiming for example, that Craig took delight in exposing “victims”, when the “victims” had not been exposed, and even the prosecution had made no such claim. The bar for jigsaw identification was dropped so low that ANY reporting of the defence in a case of sexual abuse would fall foul.

    How did this happen? Craig has blown the whistle on corruption at the heart of the Scottish Government and Scottish legal system, particularly in the context of the failed trial of Alex Salmond, who was cleared of all charges after a failed conspiracy to pervert the course of justice organised at the highest level in Scottish leadership. The “victims” who Craig was careful not to identify were found to have perjured themselves, and it was Salmond who was the victim.

    Please look into this case as a matter of urgency, in view of the serious miscarriage of justice and the risk to Craig’s health.

    Best wishes

  • Glasshopper

    I hope, and believe, Craig Murray will survive the ordeal and be back home in no time. A relatively short jail term should not become a death sentence and there is no reason to think it will on this occasion.
    Stay positive. All the best.

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