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There has been an unprecedented rush of people canceling their subscriptions to this blog the last five days. Not one person has given any reason, and where there have been messages, they have been of this unfriendly but uninformative nature. This is a real example:

I wish to cancel my payments of £2 per month with immediate effect. Please ensure this happens. Thank you.

Of course, all the people canceling had previously provided invaluable support, and I am grateful to each of them. There is always a daily churn of cancellation and subscription. But cancellations are running at about thirty times their normal level, starting very suddenly, and I just cannot think what has caused it. There has been no obvious controversy and I have not expressed any views I had not expressed before.

The obvious concern is that some information is circulating about me and being given credence by people who have supported me, in a manner invisible to me, and I have no way of knowing if it may be untrue or unfair.

If anybody has any ideas on what is happening, I should be grateful to know.

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141 thoughts on “I Am Puzzled

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  • David

    I value your opinion on matters of a global scale because you cover viewpoints and express opinions, even facts, completely absent from all mainstream media. However, the independence of Scotland is none of my concern beyond a vague interest in the decline and fall of the British Empire at the hands of the self-serving political establishment.
    I am not convinced this is the reason, to me it seems more likely you are painted with the thick brush applied to anyone critical of Ukraine and NATO right now. But for me personally at least that might be a reason to cancel.

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