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Just about ready for my trial for contempt of court tomorrow; signing off a final affidavit in a minute. It is really difficult to get my head round the fact that I could very soon be jailed for up to two years for writing about the conspiracy to fit up Alex Salmond and reporting honestly and carefully on his trial, and face an “unlimited” fine.

One feature of the pre-trial hearings and rulings has been the Crown refusing to disclose documentary evidence, and refusing to allow my witnesses. It seems they are trying to get me convicted with no courtroom drama and as little said as possible. I have at this moment very little idea even of what evidence I shall be permitted to give myself from the (virtual) dock. I have, however, sworn on oath two affidavits, and the text of these will be published tomorrow on this blog, (redacted for jigsaw identification) once I adopt my evidence in court.

You can listen live to the court case from 10.30am tomorrow. Access details are here. I shall be very grateful indeed for everyone who does listen in. I am afraid it is a telephone link not an internet link; it is charged as a normal call to London (not a premium number), which may be free depending on your own phone contract. I cannot understand at all why the court uses this phone technology rather than the web, particularly as there is live video feed available to journalists.

Finally, I am afraid I again need money for my defence fund. I want to make very plain that I do not want anybody to give money who cannot afford it. I also do not want anybody to divert money to me that they would have donated to Julian Assange’s defence fund. Julian is facing far longer imprisonment than me, and frankly is a much more important figure with a great deal more to contribute on the major issues facing society. With those caveats, if anybody can donate to help me I will be very grateful.

The Defence Fund has to date raised £112,000. We have paid the legal team £61,500 to date and have a new fee note detailing over £75,000 (feenote). I have to calculate the exact sum but I believe about £25,000 of this is already paid. In addition, we have paid out £5,000 for a separate counsel’s opinion on the public interest in the anonymity of certain of the discredited accusers of Salmond set against the public interest in their pivotal positions in public life, we have paid £3,500 for the opinion poll evidence and we are paying £6,500 for specialist counsel to advice on social media law. Plus we will have the fees for the trial itself.

So I expect final costs will total over £160,000 and possibly substantially so. This is a huge amount to try to raise from my readers. It is a major indictment of our legal system that it is so ruinously expensive – Alex Salmond is an innocent man left with costs of many hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Crown has dragged out the case over a series of preliminary hearings – classic state lawfare tactics. And my lawyers have kindly capped or reduced their fees. If I did not genuinely believe that important issues of freedom of speech are at stake, I would not ask you to contribute. I would also point out that in these circumstances everything helps – the large bulk of the fund has been raised from many thousands of small contributions.

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150 thoughts on “A Time of Trial

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  • Patrick

    Good luck today Craig. I intend to make a contribution to your legal fund, by direct bank transfer. I no longer use PayPal, given their stance on Palestinian account user’s.
    Good luck again, and take care

    • StuartM

      Can you elaborate on “PayPal’s stance on Palestinian users”. I hadn’t heard anything about this and genuinely want to know.

      • Little+Bat

        PayPal does not allow Palestinian businesses or individuals to use their system. This makes it more difficult for Palestinians to sell goods or services on the international market.

  • Jm

    Whatever the outcome today Craig you’ve already won and won a long time ago due to your humanity,integrity and decency.

    The very best of luck to you today.

  • Brian Watson

    I’ve tried to gain access to but keep getting ” access denied ” message with a 20 digit support id code .

  • mark golding

    Bravo Solicitor Advocate John Scott QC for a robust defence. On jig-saw identification John said, “There is a difference between a 500 piece Jigsaw and an 8 piece Jigsaw of Peppa Pig.” “Avizandum!”

  • Sarolta Elizabeth Kérészy

    I wish you well. It is not about justice but vengefulness. I am so sorry I cannot help. The pandemic has made it impossible to go to Hungary and sell my flat – in which I no longer live. Meanwhile UK pensions has kindly assessed me at being worth roughly ⅓ of the basic pension. Brexit is creating a panic within, as all of a sudden the goal posts shift and people like me, laughably below what they expect to see in a bank a/c will end up on the street – rescued dogs cats etc.
    Stay strong. If I could, I would help. I am an avid reader of your articles. We live in outrageous times.
    Sarolta E Kérészy, Galera, Andalucia

  • Mr John N Gosling

    IS THIS A PRECEDENT? Hello Craig, In the Herald of Wed 27th Jan 2021 page 9 there is a very interesting article about a Michael Cullen who is alleged to have falsely claimed to police that he had been sexually assaulted. He is also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice. I believe that this case is very important for the Salmond debacle because it seems to me to bear directly on the issue of the ‘Alphabet Women’. If Mr Cullen is convicted (or even if not ) then surely his case will become a precedent, since the charges laid by these women have been judged to be false, and their intentions were clear. This should mean that both they and those who have aided and abetted them in falsehood should be charged, and if found guilty then punished by due process, both for perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Indeed, for this not to happen would seem itself to be a perversion of justice.

  • shugsrug

    What you have done has been excellent. You have been very measured, and I think fair, under difficult circumstances. You have exposed a very bad state of affairs, openly and in a balanced way. Where now?

  • Dave

    Hi Craig, just read your compelling testimony. What a terrible state journalism is in, which makes people like you incredibly valuable. Very happy to help and will send a donation once the weekend is past and the international currency rates are active again.

  • Josh R

    How are things looking wrt a judgement?
    Was just checking back on dates and looks like we’re past 3 weeks since the case “hearing”.
    Any news?
    ……sorry, I know I should just wait and see but…

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