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Phil the ex frog

Five days in you got to wonder why nothing. Your previous invitation for feedback received a fairly clear opinion which was mostly ignored. Considering the host’s aspiration to political office the voter apathy analogy is irresistible.

However, let’s try again. The usability is friggin shit. Test after test have shown that such poor usability will loose you readers. Not just those with poor eyesight. People’s eyes tire.

You, Craig and some readers might like tiny fonts, low contrast and comment counters that float over titles in smaller screen sizes. But this favour is beside the point.

Keeping your web site difficult to read because Craig likes orange is akin to a church fitting entrance stairs too difficult for less able people because the vicar has no problem skipping. You exclude on the whim of the ill informed. It is not too fanciful to call it discrimination. Darth, you, the caretaker, should recognise the problem, tell the vicar he’s being a prat and build an accessibility ramp.

Here’s an article explaining this shit from ux researchers.

Here’s a site campaigning against this shit.

Here’s the WC3 providing tools to help stop this shit from happening.