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Phil the ex frog

Weed Don’t Wade with Habbabreak!

Tired of the same old same old? Is there a comment writer you simply no longer read? Let Habbabreak weed them out. Throw the chaff on the compost. Those saved seconds of scrolling soon add up. Find freedom with your virtual gardening friend Habbabreak.

Habbabreak2 v1.2:

How To Install
Use Firefox with the Greasemonkey addon.

  • Click on the menu Tools>Greasemonkey>New User Script
  • Enter “Habbabreak2” into the Name box. Enter “http://habbabreak2.nil” into the Namespace box. Press OK button.
  • Delete everything in the new window.
  • Copy the Habbabreak pastebin contents and paste into the new window. Press Save button.

How To Use
Click the new Habbabreak menu item that appears next to Invite Craig To Speak. Add the name(s) of any comment writer(s) you no longer want to see. Press the Save button.