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Grief, that Guardian article is a travesty. It tries to separate nuclear power generation from nuclear weapons, and therefore fails to mention that the Chernobyl reactor design was compromised, specifically because it was designed to perform two purposes – electricity production and plutonium production for nuclear weapons fabrication, as was the British Magnox programme (though the British reactor design was probably safer).

It also makes much reference to UNSCEAR, the group set up to “handle” the conflict of interest between the UN World Health Organisation WHO and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, administered by the UN International Atomic Energy Authority IAEA. UNSCEAR seems a rather shady body as evidenced by the brevity of the Wikipedia article about it. The entire article is based on <b>just one reference<b>, and that one is from UNSCEAR itself!

Grief I could go on and on… I haven’t even started on how we got into this mess, and the sacking of Alvin Weinberg.