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Paul Barbara, it’s a very interesting question. I think that Russia would ask for the UN to force negotiations in case we couldn’t manage the conflict ourselves. More probably we would be able to beat the invaders with our own army, I believe.

Another interesting scenario is – what if not invaders, but a part of the natives, e.g. muslims, would grasp a piece of land in Russia trying to build a sharia state on it? Like ISIS does in Syria. Isn’t it obligatory for the UN to immideately jump into the situation?

Ok, ISIS are terrorists, what about peaceful actions, like the Crimea? Everyone talks about Russian interests vs Ukrainian interest, but rarely I see that one cares for the Crimeans 🙂

When I see these binary choices I recall a joke:

A muslim man is visiting a party with his sister, and another muslim man comes up and says:
– Brother, with all my respect, could you please allow this gorgeous beauty queen to dance with me?
The other man answers:
– Well, brother, this beautiful young woman is my sister, she is so very dear to my heart, I want her to be happy and have fun, so I think you can dance with her. Respect brother.
The woman says:
– Hey, why not asking me if I want to dance?
Both man look at her and say:
– Shut up, woman, how dare you open your mouth while men are talking?