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Another interesting question is:

J Galt
June 17, 2019 at 12:31
What’s Soviet/German relations in the lead up to 1941 got to do with China’s attempts to establish overland trade and communications routes with her trading partners and allies?

And as for Barbarossa in 1941, it was clearly a scratch operation and colossal gamble as the more intelligent of the Wehrmacht officers knew. The Wehrmacht was not equipped for a war of conquest in the east, however the Worker’s and Peasant’s Red Army was most certainly set up for a war of conquest in the west.

Hitler lost the war before it had even started in August 1939 when Stalin outwitted him, in 1941 Hitler merely bought himself a couple of more years when he interrupted the long planned soviet invasion of Europe with barely a few weeks to spare.

What are your thoughts on this Tatyana?