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“Thanks for acknowledging your fault”

No problem; correction is what the scientific mindset constantly strives to do. Why didn’t you acknowledge your error, eh?

“you seem to have convinced yourself you are right”

No, I have acknowledged my ignorance, something which you seem very reluctant to do. It is you that has “convinced yourself you are right” and you seem to be psychologically projecting it onto me. You have essentially no expertise in toxicology, biochemistry etc.; neither do I, yet one of us presumes to prescribe for all humanity, and the other says “I don’t claim to know”.

Everything is toxic, at some concentration, even water; remember Leah Betts? If I asked you “which is more toxic, water or tetradecafluorohexane”, you’d have a hard time believing the answer was water, because water is “natural” whereas tetradecafluorohexane sounds like some scary man-made “chemical”. But you can’t even drown in tetradecafluorohexane.

Always “new-born babies and pregnant women”, isn’t it? Tip; learn to recognise dog-whistles rather than just reacting to them.