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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 3, 2019 at 13:32
I don’t agree with Noakes’ politics; I voted out, but like Craig believe some kind of deal like I think Norway has with the EU would be fine. The one thing I don’t want to see is us as under the thumb of the US and it’s ‘Trade Deals’, forcing all manner of junk down our throats like GMO’s, chlorinated chicken, hormone-filled beef and dairy and pesticides, herbicides and 5G for afters. And of course, bye bye NHS.
I wanted out because I saw the EU as a massive building block of the NWO; I still see it that way, but I had not understood we would be putting ourselves at the mercy of the Yanks and their ‘Deals’ that we couldn’t refuse (at least, they wouldn’t be refused by the Tories).
Sure, I tie in a lot of different things in this thread, because the issues are linked by the bad results they will have for the majority, and the vast profits they have for the PTB.
If your Goldacre has spent 400 pages informing you and anyone else who reads his book just how evil Big Pharma is, I’m surprised it hasn’t percolated through to you yet.