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I haven’t exactly supported MMR. I have said that the way the websites you promote go about attacking it is entirely misleading. They undermine public understanding of the very nature of science.

If there are problems with the science, the Cochrane library looks like an excellent starting point for examining papers because researchers submit reviews of so many papers to the Cochrane library.

If you’re just going to dismiss all science as corrupted or even actually reversed by big money, then you should confine your arguments to ideology (“vaccination is unnatural”) and politics (“capitalism corrupts everything”), or straightforward conspiracy theory (“they’re out to kill us all!”).

What you shouldn’t do is cherry-pick science as if science supported your position, because you don’t yet possess enough understanding of science to do that with honesty so instead you inadvertently turn scientific material into propaganda. That is entirely the wrong direction; please read Goldacre, he definitely looks like a decent sort to me. You’ll be surprised by Bad Science; more than anything it’s a very powerful criticism of the corporate media.