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“I believe the UAF report which is the subject of this thread does prove that at least one of these buildings were brought down by explosive demolition”

And that’s all this is; a belief. Would it have been possible to design a structure such that it would collapse like WTC7 did? Of course. To what extent did WTC7’s structure resemble such a structure? Well, quite a bit actually, with its core suspended on a truss straddling a major electrical installation. Can UAF prove that the truss couldn’t or didn’t fail? Not without the debris.

“There is no plausible scenario whereby one building was pre-rigged for demolition while the other two were destroyed by planes…”

Eh? What makes that so implausible? I can get around it just by acting a bit more paranoid than your typical conspiracy theorist. WTC7 could have been pre-rigged just to raise false suspicions of WTCs 1 and 2 being pre-rigged! Genius! Get a vocal minority barking up a non-existent tree, throw the hounds off the scent and taint any putative Truth Movement, and all at a fraction of the risk of being exposed. WTCs 1 and 2 would have required special, timed, sequenced, theatrical rigs to simulate top-down collapse, and without the sound of sequenced explosives, both of which would have had to work perfectly first time without a rehearsal, and both having to initiate at the damaged zones where damage to charges and control systems was most likely. Big ask! Much easier to let WTCs 1 and 2 collapse as they would anyway, but bring WTC7 down in the routine, bottom-up demolition fashion, with seven hours or so to patch up any damage to the rig. Since WTC7 was half the size of either WTCs 1 or two, that’s around a fifth as many people using the buildings who might notice preparations in progress. Or even better, get a military or ex-military team to rig it after the attacks, and if you get found out you can say that you just brought down a damaged building for safety reasons; plausibly deniable. I can see why you’re not a planner for the NWO.

Really, Truthers are remarkably disappointing. The demolition scenarios seem quite imaginative until you realise that they all come pre-cooked off the ‘web, and the Truthers don’t actually apply any imagination of their own.

“…so the whole official narrative fails”

That’s a remarkably narrow interpretation of the “official narrative”. It basically reduces the official narrative to “WTCs 1 and 2 weren’t pre-rigged with explosives”. But that does seem to be what most Truthers mean by “the official narrative”.