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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 15, 2019 at 12:22
Thanks for your concern for my health, as I hadn’t posted for a while. I’m still alive (much to many people’s chagrin).
‘..“I supported Dr. Puztai at the time, and still do”
By that I meant I realised he was being pilloried because he was calling into question the Big Agri ‘Frankenfood’ business. His experiments, though flawed, gave ample reason to follow them up, using better practices.
‘..No, but that’s because I’m boycotting them, not because I’m selfishly scared for my personal health…’
Selfishly scared for your personal health? What a strange thing to say. So all those who eat what they consider are healthy foods, are selfish in your eyes, and should selflessly eat poisons?
‘..they’re no more dangerous than other crops…’ Many people disagree, but Monsanto and their propaganda MSM agree with you.
‘ repeatedly demonstrate that you don’t know where to start, and refuse to find out..’
On the contrary, I have all the anecdotal and medical information I need to have made my decision to avoid the mercury-containing flu shot like the plague.
‘..But it isn’t a conspiracy to install death rays in every town, and making that claim just loses us credibility with the thousands of engineers, just everyday workers, who design, test and install it…’
More straw-man stuff. Have I ever said it was a ‘death ray’? I do say it is very harmful, and I believe it will intentionally be used for nefarious purposes.
‘I have repeatedly turned down a “smart” meter. But again, that’s because it’s an intrusion into privacy and because it enables remote disconnection of supply, not because there’s some death ray hidden in it. Such claims just lose us credibility, because they are not consistent with evidence.’
More straw-man attacks. I haven’t said, nor implied, it is a ‘death ray’ machine, but that it is very dangerous, and has killed many people, and will kill many more.
I am also against it for the reasons you share, and also the fact that a great many people have said their bills rise instead of fall after they are installed (I believe that is another strong reason the the Utility Companies are keen to push them out – they allow easier surreptitious manipulation of the price.

And here is a new article on polio vaccines, and here I go further than the article, in believing this is a deliberate spreading of the disease: ‘WHO Admits Polio Vaccines Are Causing Polio’:
WHO Admits Polio Vaccines Are Causing Polio
Bush Sr. and Cheney discussed the use of artificial pandemics to be used to practice genocide against Black people (Bush used the ‘n’ word) in East and West Africa, and Haiti, according to Cathy O’Brien in her two books, ‘TranceFormation of America’ and ‘Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security’.