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Rhys Jaggar, November 21, 14:44:

“I am absolutely contemptuous of Extinction Rebellion […] They are totalitarian ignorami utterly unworthy of any seat in serious political fora. They make Momentum seem like angels.”

We are calling for Citizen’s Assemblies chosen by sortition ie. random selection from among the entire population, a truly representative sample, rather than the usual crop of politicians who each personally chose to seek power and are mostly very wealthy.

“Climate hysteria/bedwetting is a planned disruptor”

Really? The ongoing disappearance of the Arctic icecap is a “planned disruptor”? You think HAARP is responsible maybe?

On a summer day the ice cubes keep your drink cool; what do you think will happen when the Arctic sea ice has all gone? Hint: the same amount of energy that will melt a given mass of ice will raise the temperature of the resulting water through 80 centigrade, see here.

“ER have made it clear that hysteria is their aim and scientific facts are to be ignored”

Yes, we want to raise alarm, as is appropriate in an emergency. No, we want the more pessimistic scientific predictions to get the recognition they deserve; you wouldn’t send your kids on an aircraft that had a 10% chance of crashing.

You think these 1500 scientists including 282 professors want “scientific facts to be ignored”?

And we go by XR, thanks.

“…to enforce global socialism on the world”

We don’t call for any enforcement. We call for Citizens Assemblies to make the decisions; are you afraid of your equals?