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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The BBC are still trying to hide the alleged criminality of their reporter Laura Kuennsberg revealing postal vote election results prior to the poles closing. The Politics Live broadcast containing that crucial segment is discreetly unavailable on iplayer; I wonder why? It is viewable courtesy of the many people who captured it and posted it online as well as through the alternative news websites trying to hold the BBC to account for Laura’s conduct like Skwawkbox. The Electoral Commission say this has been handed over to the police, but we cannot allow them to simply abdicate responsibility for this compliance issue; it was an obvious breach that violated the law.

Also reported on by Skwawkbox in this post was the following damaging information regarding the handling and mishandling of postal votes:
“Since the election, Royal Mail workers have claimed to have seen ‘huge’ racks of postal votes standing undelivered on polling day in at least one major sorting office, while two of the companies contracted to run the postal vote process were dissolved shortly after the count.” I am not sure why Skwawkbox did not identify the names of the two companies in question but, it would certainly be worth finding out.

Obviously this needs investigating further and we must keep putting pressure on the Electoral Commission to determine if there were missing votes. I still have had no reply from them on what happened to past cases concerning illegal pre close of poling results leaked to the public. Why have a law to prevent disclosure of this sensitive information if it is regularly breached with impunity? There have also been investigations and inquiries over postal vote irregularaties in the past, but you never hear of any conclusion being drawn let alone people charged.

Does the Electoral Commission just rely on keeping quiet letting time and distance from the election make inconvenient voting crimes and rigging allegations go away? We cannot let them get away with that tactic; we cannot afford to give up this time. Keep trying to uncover the truth or it will not be a happy New Year or a pleasant decade that we can look forward to.