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One director of Electoral Reform Services, now owned by Civica, is Sian Eleri Roberts, daughter of Roger Roberts, Baron Roberts of Llandudno. His other daughter is Rhian Roberts, a commissioning editor for the BBC ‘Digital & Podcasts BBC Radio 4, 3 & 4 Extra’. Lord Roberts is also honorary president of Bite the Ballot, a charity involved in youth voter registration drives. BTB also have a ‘Voter Advice Tool’ called Verto, and frequently collaborate with the Hope Not Hate campaign (I wonder how much the anti-semitism debate crossed over into BTB activities?). Despite the frequent partnership with Hope Not Hate they invited Katie Hopkins onto a live-streamed debate in advance of the EU Referendum.

‘Bite The Ballot presents Verto – a voter advice tool to match your values and views with the political parties’

Verto was developed in association with Political Studies Association and Demos and claimed over 400,000 back in 2016.