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Kim Sanders-Fisher

One of the questions I have asked the Electoral Commission is why, if company employees at electoral management companies are not meant to have political affiliations or vested interest in the results, it was not a massive conflict of interest for Tory MP Peter Lilley to remain the director of IDOX for so many years? Lilley and his family still retain significant shares in IDOX.

Saticon – I had been looking to find out which two companies handling some aspect of the vote had reportedly closed shortly after the 2019 General Election. I found this in among the info you sent to my blog:
“IDOX acquisitions include ‘Halarose Ltd. […] a software development company specialising in Electoral Registration and Election Management software for local government customers, including Birmingham City Council, The Electoral Office of Northern Ireland, and Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council. Its EROS-II Electoral Registration software registers over 6 million electors …” You said that it was both Halarose and Halarose Holdings who were dissolved just before Christmas.

IDOX acquisitions include ‘Halarose Ltd:
“Halarose delivers a wide range of contemporary registration and election management solutions which are continuously refined and evolved to deliver practical outcomes that best suit the customer’s needs. With an outstanding local government client list, and a strong reputation in the elections market, Halarose significantly extends Idox’s capabilities and reach in the sector.”

Idox Chief Executive Andrew Riley said: “The acquisition of Halarose, which has a strong product offering, team and track record, presents Idox with the opportunity to significantly expand its existing presence in the elections market.”

Postal Vote Investigation, Paul – I was curious to know more about the IDOX connection to the canvassing app you mentioned which would certainly provide the company with useful data on who to target for the late delivery or removal of labour supporting postal votes from the ballots they handle with their Postal Vote Managed Service.

I found the link you posted to it on twitter, worth repeating here:
“Quite a few people (mainly Councillors or those involved in canvassing have been adamant that there is no way IDOX can have access to voter intention. I give you IDOX canvassing app”

How secure is our ballot when one company IDOX, the subsidiary of an Oil and Gas Company with strong links to the Tory Party, offer this canvassing app and boast:
“A fully-managed Postal Vote Checking service, tailored to your needs, providing intuitive technology for complete accuracy and reassurance.”
I do not feel in the least bit reassured…