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Yes, it would be an excellent fit for fentanyl, the side effects seem to fit perfectly. When I read your theory on Yulia’s potential culpability I think to myself it COULD be true. But when I EVER say that to myself I doubt a ‘could be’ It’s overly convoluted for a murder/suicide and, as far as I know, she had maintained contact with him since he first was outed as a spy. Why NOW and why transport a highly illegal drug via an international airport – I’m making the assumption she would have not had contacts in UK who could have supplied it to her. There are too many other easier ways to poison someone without THAT level of effort, planning and risk. There are plants growing commonly in the wild in the UK who’s sap can be added to food, for example, that would produce the effect of a heart attack. That’s but one example.

Skripal himself has not been seen, nor heard of, since the ‘poisoning’ What of him? Is he STILL so unwell he cannot release a statement, why is no one asking? Is HE the leverage on HER to have read out the prepared statement in which she turned her back (allegedly) on Russia? Is she scared for him rather than scared of further Russian action?

There has been a common theme of incompetence in a string of assassinations over a number of years now. To my mind you should do your job swiftly, efficiently and without fuss. This meets none of the criteria. Not even ‘first day on the job’ covers this debacle. Reminds me of ‘spy in the suitcase’ where an obviously ludicrous reason was given to and worse, accepted, by the public. The ONLY conclusion I can possibly come to is that we are being handed an explanation by the perpetrators themselves. If the UK government didn’t do this it was complicit in allowing it. It must be harder to make such a mess than to kill them instead – seriously!

I have heard that the poisoning of Litvinenko was a conspiracy between UK, French and other Intel agencies with Putin opponents within Russian government. This is just as likely as Yulia being responsible if not moreso.

Imagine poisoning someone with Novichok and failing to kill them, no, I don’t believe it. But then neither do I believe Yulia transported a highly illegal drug through TWO international airports to get the dosage wrong and FAIL at the last hurdle either. The fatal dose is so low you couldn’t mess it up…