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Kim Sanders-Fisher

J – When you said: “…a good compendium of accounts and details can be found here.” You weren’t kidding. The document at that link contained a huge wealth of information on who is involved in what way, in a position of power that has corrupted the integrity of our elections: I would urge others to follow that resourceful embedded link.

Aside from nudging Labour supporters into picking the most compliant Tory stooge to lead the opposition, all the news coverage right now is conveniently drowned out by the trivialities of a royal couple wanting to go their own way: big deal! Hey, good luck to them. As someone with absolutely zero interest in such matters, the excessive coverage is looking distinctly like a deliberate major public distraction tactic; a well-timed “Dead Cat” without the gore of any feline demise!

Boris will be enormously grateful to the royal couple for keeping the focus away from the quiet stealth tactics of a massive personal power consolidation that should seriously worry us all. We cannot afford to take our eye of the ball for one second; it remains an extremely urgent priority to oust this rogue Tory “unelected dictatorship” that is currently masquerading as a majority government.

There is of course a quid-pro-quo here for the media because they know that Jeremy Corbyn would have immediately gone ahead with the Leveson 2 inquiry, but Boris will not. No accountability, no reigning in the press: they need to keep the bad guy propped into power. In comments elsewhere on this site Dungroanin alerts us to an interesting article that makes sense out of the royal delema: “Rusbridger breaks cover AGAIN!” In this Guardian article Rusbridger States that:
“For some years now – largely unreported – two chancery court judges have been dealing with literally hundreds of cases of phone hacking against MGN Ltd and News Group, the owners, respectively, of the Daily Mirror and the Sun (as well as the defunct News of the World).”

This explains how: “The two publishers are, between them, forking out eye-watering sums to avoid any cases going to trial in open court. Because the newspaper industry lobbied so forcefully to scrap the second part of the Leveson inquiry, which had been due to shine a light on such matters, we can only surmise what is going on.” It is worth reading about the connection to Harry and Megan who were among those targeted; their legal suits against the tabloid press are among the many that could expose the extent of corruption of our mass media. This has not endeared the trash sheets to the couple so they have been fair game for discriminatory smears.

On a more positive note, I have contacted the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in an email asking, no, begging them, to get involved with uncovering the scandal of our grossly insecure electoral system and expose the potential rigging of the recent 2019 General Election. I am really hoping that we can interest at least one respected investigative journalist within the consortium to take on this case as it could evolve into a hugely important story and bring down this rogue government.

The tough research of legitimate investigative journalist is wrongfully discredited by the illegal practices of these tabloid press bandits so I would imagine it is in their best interests to clean up the industry and restore the respect and integrity of their profession through Leveson 2. That will not happen under the Tories as they have too many major connections helping to secure their grip on power and far too many scandals of their own to hide. The implications surrounding the theft of this election has the potential to blow the whole power, money, corruption scandal wide open and at the same time open up the possibility of a progressive government putting safeguards of accountability in place for the future.

Although based in DC the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists have investigative journalists all over the world and they can be contacted by emailing: [email protected] It will take the hard work and dedication to the truth of honourable investigative journalist to shut down this vicious circle of toxic propaganda spouted by the wealthy tabloid press barons supporting this government. We have done some of the initial digging, but we need a professional Journo on board. Try sending a really persuasive email to the consortium asking them to consider the merit of exposing the truth. As i said in my email to them:
“Yes, this could amount to nothing, but equally it might evolve into a massive, award winning, news story. I hope you will accept this challenge and not dismiss this appeal for help.”

Do not be distracted by “Dead Cats” there is an important overriding principal to get across here: the need to guarantee the security and integrity of the UK Electoral System.
When a Watchdog cannot watch it’s just a dog.