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Paul Barbara

How things are done in the States: ‘Donald Rumsfeld and the Strange History of Aspartame
With this attitude to health or safety testing, across the board, how on earth can anyone in their right minds believe a word the ‘regulatory’ agencies say?
They mirror the US and UK government’s contempt for human life, evident in their never-ending wars of choice around the globe. We saw how they pulled out all the stops to prevent a decent man, Jeremy Corbyn, from taking up his rightful place as Prime Minister of the UK.
The ‘Evildoers’ are very well entrenched in power. And too many people who should know better still wear their rose-tinted glasses, and believe what the MSM and the PTB tell them, be it the ‘safety’ of medicines and vaccinations or of GM foods or of 5G, or that Assad used chemical weapons against ‘his own people’, or anyone else for that matter.
I may seem to be digressing, but all these evil events, technologies and lies are part of the seamless garment of governance.

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