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Paul Barbara

@ SA March 26, 2020 at 11:08
You asked me to answer what I greed with in your list, so I’ll try:
‘Big pharma is out to make big money
Big pharma to make money has to be seen to be successful and useful in fulfilling most aims of drugs (a biological way of looking at this is that successful parasites don’t kill or weaken their hosts and in fact some symbiotic organisms benefit the host and themselves as well)
Disagree – look at their abysmal results with cancer, yet they induce the ‘Authorities’ to mercilessly hound doctors and other health practitioners who use ‘unauthorised’ (but extremely effective) remedies like Gc-MAF. Also they bribe doctors to prescribe or vaccinate with their products. Profuse prescibers can make a great deal of money, I believe some get $hundreds of thousands a year. Worth, to many, turning a blind eye to whether they do any good or not, as long as they don’t kill or do too much harm that is traceable to their prescriptions.
Big pharma sometimes get things wrong
Sure, but they should worry. They generally get off with a light (in respect of their massive profits) fine, if their top lawyers can’t get them off (and they generally spin the cases out for donkeys years, often till many victims are dead and buried).
Big pharma like any big corporations like to create monopolies
Big pharma lobby governments and put placemen on government boards for their purposes
Big pharma are part of big capitalism
Many vaccines save lives and have rendered some diseases like small pox extinct and others like measles much less of a problem.
<cem>Here it gets trickier – there are many doctors and medics who question just how effective they really were, given that other factors such as hygiene and natural immunity were at work at the same time. The Big Pharma obviously diligently attempt to deny any links with problems, such as autism, and the government (under their political donation thumbs) back them to the hilt.
I am obviously convinced that vaccines have been used for immoral purposes, claiming to be for one thing, but with a hidden (often birth control) agenda, as well as the well-attested use of poisonous adjuvants like mercury and aluminium, as well as some using various animal sourced products.<cem>

And just as an example I came across recently (from a comment by Tatyana):
Many vaccines save lives and have rendered some diseases like small pox extinct and others like measles much less of a problem.
Another one from the ‘normal suspects’:
‘Taxpayers Paid Millions to Design a Low-Cost Ventilator for a Pandemic. Instead, the Company Is Selling Versions of It Overseas.’:
And Jared Kushner is ‘making a deal’ with the company…

Just for interest, I believe that the Covid – 19 was created in the States, and deliberately spread through Wuhan by the US Military Games contingent. I see that as the balance of probabilities, but I’m not certain.