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You’re taking the most sensationalist option at almost every step.

You should beware, Paul. Humanism, non-duality, rationality, and their practical application, science, are the modern ideologies and practices of dedication to truth, honesty, and dedication to reality, so of course those who advance the evil of winning at the expense of others, those who effectively worship Mammon, take every opportunity to chip away at them. If a claim contradicts the scientific consensus, be very, very wary about propagating it. Such claims need to be thrashed out in the scientific literature, where the most knowledgable congregate.

I’m worried that we might never get a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes covid-19. It’s a coronavirus as are some of the common cold viruses, and vaccines against coronaviruses have never been successful. It isn’t even clear yet whether suffering and recovering from covid-19 imparts immunity. If it doesn’t, no vaccine may be possible, because there’s no immunity to prime with a vaccine. That’s why there’s no HIV vaccine after all these decades; there are no former sufferers, people whose immune system has defeated the virus, so there’s no target for a vaccine to reach for.

Those who blame China are blaming the victims.