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Tony M

Apologies Clark. I’m sorry. This is the wrong thread of course. I know people, lovely people, clever, caring people, with serious health problems they attribute unambiguously to DU, though they’ve possibly has other service-related exposures such as vaccinations given them in the forces, as well as a possibililty of residual traces of nerve gases dating back to eighties in the areas they found themselves.

On SARS-COV2 I’m undecided about the origins, the prevalence of so many strains in the US, not seen in China, the ‘vaping’ illnesses, the very many people I’ve spoke to here, across Scotland, who reckon they had it in in mid-December-2019, “the worst flu they’ve ever had in their lives”, fit people, football-players etc. which might still though have been bad cases of flu, but with lingering after-effects after the more florid effects had passed. Discrediting the alleged Chinese origins, reducing likelihood of entirely natural origin, Wuhan labs, or wet-markets. The seeming many strain variations, mutations, composition and possibly genetic specificity and stark differences in effects, from deadly to mild, suggests we may be comparing apples with oranges, and that what ‘the west’ is experiencing is an attenuated form as cover for something much worse unleashed on China, Iran Ecuador etc. We don’t have people walking along then collapsing dead in the streets. I can’t account either for the Spanish and Italian outbreaks other than perhaps some genetic overlap with the indigenous middle-east population. Something is fishy. I never attribute to incompetence or chance that which can more simply be attributed to extreme murderous malice on the part of five-eyes and their puppet-masters.