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I understand what you say that all governments hide and lie.
The SARS-cov virus used for the vaccine has only 70% homologous to SARS-cov-2, and the latter has about 96.5 homologous with a known bat coronavirus, The main difference being, as I understand in the spike protein which enables it to attach to ACE2 on respiratory alveoli. Such changes can occur by random mutations and may require an intermediate step in another host before it becomes adapted to infect humans. I understand that the scientists working on this virus have ruled out that this was an induced mutation through laboratory genetic modulation, because these leave a telltale fingerprint.
So ok you have a bat in the lab with a virus but it will still not mean that this bat virus is what caused SARS-cov-2 to emerge spontaneously.
The problem with making these allegations is that they politicise the science. Allegations have been made by both sides and for political reasons. There are no scientific reasons that explain why scientists in a bio lab facility should deliberately make or encourage such a dangerous pathogen with unknown effects. I guess you can argue that it has escaped but then you have two events to explain, a mutated virus in a lab and it’s escape. Rather unlikely unless these scientists are very sloppy or very evil.