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It is you who is acting as a victim now and going on in a huff. It really is a very serious question of the integrity of the research of Dr Mikovits, which you quoted to support the theory that vaccines are contaminated with a monkey retrovirus. There is ample proof that this research produced erroneous results, that others have not been able to replicate this, and that eventually Science (the periodical) retracted this paper because it could not substantiate the fighting. It is also now widely known that Dr Mikovits has become a serious campaigning anti-vaxxer. I asked you a serious question: Where you aware that Dr Mikovits’ research has been retracted by Science and that therefore this particular allegation about vaccine contamination is wrong, but you failed to answer the question.
Here is the original publication, and here is the retraction by Science.
Now all I wanted to know, before going down the rabbit hole of looking at your next conspiracy theory of covid-19 and so many other medical CTs was whether you were aware of this. Instead of answering directly you tried to dodge the question by using my reference to Wikipedia as an excuse to not answer.
Why does this matter? Others read this blog and we are here as guests of Craig Murray and we must respect this privilege to voice our ideas, but also have the responsibility to not spread misinformation. If anything written is misinformation, it may reflect on the website. The mods have been involved in this and it is best if you can look at their comment and respond. You can either agree with my answer or disagree with good reasons but not fob me off with several other diversions.