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Paul Barbara

@ SA May 1, 2020 at 13:39
No, I did not know, or I would have checked it out: I still haven’t checked it out, but will do so as you have provided links. But now I have read what you say about Retrovirus’s, the Italian investigation and lab tests showed retrovirus’s in vaccines, yet neither the Italian government not the vaccine manufacturers have responded to their requests to show their safety tests.
The video is not long, and should be of interest. It was read out in a Press Conference in one of the two Houses of the Italian Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies.
Small point – I gave the wrong starting point in my comment for the ‘VaccineGate English’ – it should have been from 16:35 onwards, but the whole video is of interest.
I tried to link the ‘VaccineGate English’ into a reply just now, but it didn’t work. Back to the drawing-board for that one. This reply is important, so I wont try again at the moment.
As should be apparent, I would not put anything on here I believed to be false.