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It is you who is stonewalling. Dr Edd answered already some of what you say. Dr Bolgan has already retracted some of her own allegations. Here is what Dr Edd said, in case you missed it:

“A few days later, Dr Enrico Bucci (an Italian equivalent of Ben Goldacre) published a detailed critique of Dr Bolgan’s claims, with 8 major methodological objections. He summarised:

In light of the considerations made, it is therefore not possible to confirm the presence of any of the contaminating genomes reported, and there are strong clues that lead us to think about the presence of numerous false positives.

In her response, Dr Bolgan rowed back from her former “strong” claims:

I have to underline an important thing once and for all: Corvelva is not doing a batch release check and has not requested to use validated methods for batch analysis, as producers, accredited laboratories and the ISS must do.
As already mentioned, the data are not definitive and there may be inaccuracies in the reports. Everything will be reviewed and corrected as the work progresses.
We are in the research and development phase…. Inter-laboratory tests and the introduction of appropriate certified viral mix standards will allow us to verify or deny the hypothesis you proposed, that is, that the method is not (yet) optimized for viruses.”

I have already stated that Corvelva and Dr Bolgan have never produced a published peer reviewed research to back up their allegations. You answer by giving us a transcript of what Dr Bolgan has said, again without any evidence. As I said you are spinning. You are not really interested in the truth, in fact maybe the movement should not be called truthers but truth distortionists. Having said all that I now know that you are part of a disinformation network and will not comment on your type of propaganda.