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michael norton

A scientist has pointed out that, the Government/NHS need to put their thinking caps on.
When they have fitted their thinking caps, they will find that the ill health of the nation is largely caused by highly processed factory food.
The average low paid U.K. person consumes 50% of their intake,
by consuming kebabs, bread, cakes, biscuits, t.v. microwave foods.
Pasta, processed puddings and so forth.

If they only ate real food, that can be recognisable as something that has recently been alive, fish, shellfish, meat, eggs, carrots, cabbage, plums, turnips, fowl, they would loose visceral fat, start to reverse their type two diabetes
and start to lose weight, their brains would limber up and they might take up exercise, such as swimming, cycling , canoeing or walking.
Onward to a healthier life.
This change in what they eat will also reduce the amount of inflammations experienced and would deliver a longer healthier life.