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Bill, I am right, aren’t I?
Of course you are Ben. I’m right too, aren’t I Ben?
Yes, Bill. We’re both right, and Bert’s wrong isn’t he?
Yes Bert’s definitely wrong Ben and we’re right.
Only sometimes I wonder Bill, what if Bert’s right?
Nah na na na na na I didn’t hear that Ben and anyway don’t say it again.
Oh, OK Bill I won’t, anyway he’s definitely wrong isn’t he?
Yes Ben and we’re right, aren’t we?
Yes Bill and anyway Bert’s a spirasist and we don’t have to listen to spirasists.
Yes Bert’s a big smelly spiracist so who cares if he’s right.
Ben, what is a spirasist?
Nobody rightly knows, Bill.
But Ben, Mommy said we’re all spirasists.
Well, maybe we’re good spirasists and Bert is a bad spirisist.
But Ben, we don’t even know what a aspirisist is.
Nah na na na na na. He just is, so there.
OK Ben. But we’re right aren’t we?
Yes, Bill, and Bert’s wrong, isn’t he?
Yes Ben. Only sometimes I wonder … no … nah na na na ..