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A nurse in the US blows the whistle on how patients “with Covid-19” are being murdered.

Meanwhile in the holy NHS in Britain all non-urgent surgery has been cancelled, and many wards in many hospitals are empty, while GPs send out “Please sign ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ forms” letters to patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

From what @Clark says, it seems that ambulance workers are being given a lot of makework, scrubbing their vehicles for hours on end. It is unclear whether more person-hours are being worked by nurses than before, but surely the answer is no, given that Intensive Care Unit use has risen but not hugely, whereas much of the other stuff has mostly shut. Using nurses who haven’t had much training to work ventilators may be connected with how the use of ventilators is killing people, as described in the above video.

And you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Reminder: reported Covid-19 deaths divided by reported Covid-19 cases (what is known as the “case fatality rate” is SIXTEEN times higher in Britain than in Russia.