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Your post contains a lot of incomplete information an some that are completely wrong

SARS-CoV2 [1] is a virus of the same type as the viruses that cause the common cold (namely it is a coronavirus [2], a subtype of that type being SARS), but the symptoms (if a person gets any symptoms at all) are often more severe than for the common cold (as they are for influenza [3], another group of viruses that cause respiratory symptoms that can be severe and can be fatal); and many SARS-CoV2 infectees especially if they are elderly and already have a chronic illness – such as a long-term respiratory illness – are at risk if hospitalised of catching pneumonia (in hospital) and then snuffing it, and indeed they are at risk of snuffing it even if they don’t catch pneumonia in hospital, or if they don’t go to hospital – all of which also apply to flu. So all in all it seems quite flu-typy even if the mortality rate is higher.

Yes SARS-Cov2 is the same family as some common cold viruses but this is the way that scientific classifications operate. So for example strawberries, apples and roses all belong to the same natural botanic family the Rosaceae but they are completely different in many ways. So belonging to the same family does not make it less severe or more severe, this is an inherent quality of the organism. Secondly the symptoms, if present, are sufficiently different from those of influenza. They are a high temperature, a dry cough, shortness of breath, and less commonly sneezing and stuffy nose, although these may also occur. Also whereas in influenza you may get a secondary bacterial pneumonia, in Covid-19 the major serious pathology is a picture called Acute Respiratory distress syndrome, where the lung air sacs fill of inflammatory fluid and there is no secondary bacterial infection. This is crucial because antibiotics may help some who develop secondary bacterial pneumonia in influenza, but have no use in the management of covid-19. So it is not flu like in any shape or form and persisting to use this expression denotes wilful distortion. This I=has been stated time and time again and you should know.

Meanwhile the Coronavirus Act means that no hospital looks like it will be successfully sued for causing the death of a Covid-19 certificated patient by improper use of a ventilator and in any case the requirements for cremation paperwork have been relaxed. So of course we’ve all got to clap “the NHS” and “nurses” which really means the medical priesthood, the government, and the state. (Nurses who blow the whistle aren’t getting much of a hearing.) Never underestimate the hypocrisy of the ruling class.

What exactly do you mean by the improper use of a ventilator? I do not think that there is a blanket waiver on medical negligence because of covid-19 if you look at the law carefully. What exactly do you mean by the “medical priesthood”. Is that a known CT term? Is there a pope and priests and so on? Is medicine a religion? This is a wilful distortion to imply that a profession is conspiring for its own sake, against the public and is baseless.

Most scientists don’t have a clue what’s going on, and those that do have a bit of a clue won’t be talking in public. Those who think they know what’s going on will be kept away from the very centre by dint of being village idiots. (It’s very easy for a person who plays a Knower role to an appreciative workplace audience or to some other lower-status audience to get the idea that they know stuff that they don’t. This is the reason why some independently-minded aristocrats even if impoverished prefer to socialise with independently-minded proletarians than with managerial or professional types.) The first big question is this: what amount of biological warfare [4] is there in various aspects of this epidemic? [5]. There is no reason to believe that those who are concerned with national strategy at the helm of the state are able to answer that question with much precision. That said, the answer is obviously not zero.

Thanks N_ for that information. I take it that unlike most scientists you are fully conversant with what is going on. You have done your research by visiting sites on the internet and found the truth? The rest of the passage above doesn’t make much sense.

And so on you go especially with your self-important notes not based on facts. Why do you do this?