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The creation of the “Are they lifting the lockdown too fast?” channel for public opinion in Britain suggests that the ruling elite will soon try to enforce compulsory testing on all school pupils in that benighted country.

What a big propaganda push there is, complete with media articles talking about “100% accuracy” in testing! WTF kind of test is that then? It must be the first 100% accurate (100% true-positive, 100% true-negative) test in medical history! How clever the “scientists” must be to have been paid by Big Pharma to say they have come up with it so quickly!

Compulsory vaccination will probably follow, quite possibly with smartphone “contact tracing” mixed in with it. It wouldn’t surprise me if they claim, even if only to Daily Express readers, that the vaccine is 100% successful too. Wow – another first in medical history.

Never mind that annual “flu jabs” have probably contributed a lot to weakening people’s immunity to viruses. They can’t be much good if their stimulation of your antibody mechanism only lasts a year, can they? People are literally being treated the way pet vets – working in a profession dominated by US multinational Colgate-Palmolive which owns Hill’s – treat pets.

How stupid a person has to be to get annual flu jabs! Try zinc. Try bee pollen. Try nigella seeds. All three are accepted even by “ekshpurtz” to strengthen the immune system. How many slavish getters of annual flu jabs could even give a damn about that?

How about somebody plots annual flu jab consumption against Covid-19 mortality rate for different countries? I’m guessing that a significantly greater proportion of the population gets annual flu jabs in Britain than in Russia.

In Britain people look up to medics like nobody’s business, which causes the warped mind and persona of a medic – a career phony if ever there was one – to treat them with even more contempt.

In Russia, most medics are much lower-paid and you could even argue that many of them are actually proletarians or maybe lower middle class. At least most of them don’t live in mansions at the top of the hill and take six or more holidays a year to “resorts” that cater for people with more money than sense, as many British medics do.

Both compulsory testing and compulsory vaccination must be resisted.

To detourn Bertolt Brecht:

“Mass vaccination resistance: the stupid call it stupid and the squalid call it squalid.”