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SA and Clark,
You are both correct on russia’s current situation. We do mass testing and we do quarantine.
Current figures are here, 6.9 million testing done up to today

On quarantine, we discussed recently with my sister who lives in Moscow. She is a teacher, thus she is keeping connected to social life even when quarantined. We still educate our children with school programmes by Internet here in Russia.
Well, we talked about lockdown and discussed if it is necessary at all. Ann says directly: “(low mortality tall in China and Russia) ’cause people trust their government. They were told to stay home, they were told BY STATE, to stay home, that’s why they DO stay at home.” And when I tried to debate this was rather totalitarian decision, she and my husband unanimously said ” history proves that people, if they have too much freedoms, then they start – khm, i try to voice it in a polite manner – if people are given too much freedom, then they start *sorry* [email protected] each other in the *sorry* butt”.
Actually, I agree to some extent, that some parts of society put their desire above the wishes, needs and necessities of the rest. But, on the other hand, I can’t see the balance option, I can’t see which way would please everyone.
So far, I prefer this approach – let’s stay quarantined until the things clear up. I mean, the virus is new, it is simply reasonable to take precautions until we know for sure what we are getting in touch with.