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‘Yet your ire seems reserved for Dr. Judy Mikovits, and a few like-minded alternative doctors and scientists.’

What exactly are alternative doctors and scientists? There is only one medicine and science and these are evidence based. There are scientists who produce controversial results which may either be shown to be mistaken and doctors and pharmaceuticals who harm people by mistakes and sometimes deliberate actions but on the whole the checks on science attempt to hold to account by having a clear transparency and by backing practice with actual evidence. Many of those we have discussed on what you call alternative doctors and scientists hold beliefs and self publish and make documentaries but do not contribute to scientific advancement at all because their work is worthless scientifically either because it is flawed in design or because of deliberate faking of results or sometimes through innocent mistakes. The practice by certain official bodies that is illegal or fraudulent is also a fact which we are aware of. But two wrongs never make a right.
We should really all be concentrating on the misuse of science for political purposes by governments, as we are seeing now with this pandemic. We should see and call out the subversion of evidence and the recruitment of scientists and medical advisers as government employees, something so blatant, rather than chase fantasy stories by discredited scientists. Neither Clark nor I are interested in denigrating Wakefield or Mikovits as people but for their insistence on spreading misinformation which has been proven to be so again and again.

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