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Paul Barbara

@ SA as a quick response, ‘…Even WHO assurances that tetanus toxoid contains no abortifacients have failed to allay public fear…’
Are you really stating that as any kind of evidence, when the WHO is alleged to be a party to the abomination (and I do not use that term lightly – 500,000 Kenyans are said to have been made infertile without there knowledge or (obviously) consent). And they DENY it (shades of Mandy Rice-Davies)?
And that becomes a major point in your dismissal of my comment?
Have you considered, for just one moment, a young African buck marrying his chosen bride (or vice versa), and then finding out that the lady is infertile? HAVE YOU?
If the Kenyan Catholic Bishops Conference, and the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association are not good enough for you, then ‘Ride on’.