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Paul Barbara

@ SA May 29, 2020 at 22:18
And where are your scientific papers proving the vaccines didn’t contain hCG?
And I don’t mean some reports on samples sent to labs by the WHO – I mean proving the samples the Bishops and doctors sent in, or that they still have from their same batches. Though past their use by date, they should still be capable of testing for hCG, if they have stored any.
The Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Doctors Association have no reason to fake results, or to publicise fake results – they are not anti-vaxxers. But certain people (like Bill Gates) do have an expressed interest in cutting down the human population, and though they generally hide the lengths they are willing to go to attain that, sterilising women surreptitiously would certainly be par for the course for these types.
I have contacted the KCCB asking for an update on the case.