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Paul Barbara

@ Clark
The Wuhan Military Games started 18th October; people can have the virus and not show symptoms, but can be spreading it, for two weeks or so. Two weeks on from that date is 1st November. So yes, the first cases started in November, but what they were infected with took time to work out. IF the US had intentionally spread it (which I believe) the US Intelligence would have known immediately what it was, as against the Chinese not knowing. They would have been waiting for it, knowing it was going to come. The time scale fits the Wuhan Games theory. And it is certainly no ‘rumour’ that the US team did lamentably badly – they were referred to as ‘Soy Sauce Soldiers’ in China, with only one gold medal (against over 100 Chinese golds; Bahrein and North Korea both got 9 golds each), and that single gold was not counted in the main Games tally, as the ‘Game’ it was awarded for fell outside the main Games. The first main ‘cluster’ of cases was 42 from the hotel the US team were staying in, though 7 Wuhan Wet Market workers were the first Chinese treated (and they all had had contact with the hotel staff). I don’t think many people still believe it came from the market.
The Chinese New Year was 25th January in 2019, and they locked down on the 23rd, so some people got out early, others were trapped in Wuhan. As you say, the Chinese would have wanted to lock down to prevent New Year travel, so they obviously had not figured out what they were up against till the 23rd January, or very shortly before then. I believe they informed the world at the end of January, so there was very little delay.
From the comments to the Israeli article, someone wrote that a plane was chartered to fly some members of the US team back to the US as they fell sick – whether that was the 5 known to have been treated for a fever on 25th October, or others, I don’t know. I had not heard that before, and as I said, it was just in one of the comments.
As for the November warning being a ‘rumour’, the Israeli TV report seems to have further information which doesn’t come from the ABC report – ‘…The network said Israeli military officials later in November discussed the possibility of the spread of the virus to the region and how it would affect Israel and neighboring countries.
The intelligence also reached Israel’s decision makers and the Health Ministry, where “nothing was done,” according to the report….’, which would confirm the truth of the ABC report.
The US Intel and Pentagon and Chiefs of Staff deny the story – but then they would say that especially if they were in on the plan to spread it then bill China for $multi-billions.
I did put the Israeli TV link in my comments earlier, but you obviously missed it previously.
Thanks for the extra link, as it’s audio it will take me a while to handle due to my hearing probs.
Your opinion that ‘…The “Last Man Standing” piece by Godfree Roberts is just a propaganda piece for the Chinese “communist” party…’ doesn’t make it not true.
Do you agree now that the timeline would fit a Wuhan Games starting point? It wouldn’t have been till November that any warning signs became apparent, then the Chinese had to analyse the data to understand what was going on, but the US Intel were on the case in Novemebr; forewarned is forearmed, so IF the US had spread it intentionally, they would have been waiting for it.
Re MSM, to my surprise some Israeli MSM is much more open than US or UK media, particularly Haaretz.