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“….people can have the virus and not show symptoms, but can be spreading it, for two weeks or so.”

This assumes that the first say 10 people who got the virus were all asymptomatic and then passed it on to others for a couple of cycles and all of those for the first few weeks were asymptomatic. But this would be unlikely, any iceberg will have a visible top and a larger invisible submerged bit but no iceberg has no floating top. If some 20-30% of those who get infected have symptoms then it doesn’t make sense that those who were infected early had no symptoms.

” IF the US had intentionally spread it (which I believe) the US Intelligence would have known immediately what it was, as against the Chinese not knowing. They would have been waiting for it, knowing it was going to come. “

That must be the dumbest way to use a biological weapon. You use a virus that is new and about which you know little, and to which you have no treatment or vaccine and that is highly infectious and not racially discriminating and then you stand back and watch while your own country becomes the worst hit and so do those of many of your allies. You are not even prepared for it in any way having ignored all the repeated warnings that a pandemic was surely round the horizon. You must agree Paul that this is fantasy and fiction, not even a conspiracy theory.

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