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“Gc-MAF, a multi-faceted natural immune booster which they forcefully ensure the public cannot get hold of…”

Gc-MAF for sale

Paul, is there anything you don’t know better than everyone else?

Say I said to you that diesel engines don’t really work by burning diesel; that’s just a big conspiracy for the oil companies – you’d laugh, right? But you see it’s really the thing you think is an “alternator”; that’s what’s really driving the vehicle. It’s an over-unity generator; look them up, they’re on YooToob… Ever wondered why bigger engines always have a bigger “alternator” and bigger batteries? Well now you know. You still need the starter motor because over-unity generators won’t start on their own, but after you spin them they produce more energy than they consume. You need the big combustion engine to slow it down and waste a load of the energy or it would spin out of control! It’s all based on a design by Nikola Tesla; he knew, but he was suppressed.

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