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“Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk. I would not be surprised if they too have been demonised, seeing as they both disagree with the ‘Medical Authorities’. It promises to be immensely illuminating…”


“Her claims are often misleading and at times outright deceptive. This post outlines the types of questionable tactics she uses to support her claims by examining the measles chapter of her book”

Without personal demonisation at all, Isabella B compares Suzanne Humphries’ claims to actual data, or follows them back to the scientific studies they were quote-mined from, or otherwise places them in context. I particularly liked this one:

“Next, Dr Humphries speculates that measles antibodies (derived from vaccines) interfere with cell-mediated immune responses to the wild virus, leading to chronic measles infection and eventually immune related disorders later on in life:

[ … ]

– Her proof rests on a 1985 Lancer paper entitled “Measles Virus Infection without Rash in Childhood is Related to Disease in Adult Life”. This is a frequently misquoted paper because it is access restricted and has an obscure sounding abstract. After paying the $35.00 to access the full report, I realized that it did not study the effects of measles vaccination at all. It was a historical study done on individuals born in Copenhagen and Gentofte in the pre-vaccination era — specifically 1941 and 1947 onwards. It found that individuals who had contracted the wild form of measles (measured via antibody levels later on in life), without manifesting a rash (roughly 9% of the population), had a higher incidence of degenerative diseases later on in life.”