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SA – “It is important to distinguish between genuine debate and propaganda.”

I strongly agree; what Paul is doing is promoting propaganda. The trouble is, the majority of people are so immersed in propaganda that they don’t even recognise it. They think ‘propaganda’ means a particular set of beliefs, not a particular set of methods for biasing people’s opinions.

“…he has […] avoided answering me on the basis that I am intimidating him”

Conspiracy theorists typically use any excuse they can think of to avoid engagement, because conspiracy theory employs a very weak range of argument methods; promoting suspicion and FUD, “More Of” mud-slinging, quote-mining, insinuation.

“Sorry for this being unclear”

No apology necessary. I saw how you’d left that matter and decided I’d best clarify before you were pounced upon with “and that research never will be done because the PTB and the MSM don’t want you to know of their evil scheme that only us fearless truth-tellers can see”. I’ve had considerable experience with conspiracy theorists.