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Paul Barbara

@ Clark June 12, 2020 at 11:24
Thank you for watching the short Dr. Wakefield video.
You will have noticed that 19 of his papers are still up, only one was withdrawn. You will now be aware of Wakefield’s side of the issue. Appears the withdrawn work has been replicated a number of times, and he has challenged a government accuser to a televised scientific debate, as MSM don’t allow him a chance to rebut the slurs on him and his work.
I can only hope that parent’s and their doctor champions win out eventually against Big Pharma and government lies and crimes.
You have previously said or implied Dr. Wakefield had a ‘conflict of interest’ (I don’t believe you used those precise words, but words to that effect) because he was working with a firm who made the single vaccines. The reality of the situation was Dr. Wakefield has never been an ‘anti-vaxxer’, he always pushed for the single vaccines, but the government agent responsible (he names the perp), when he asked why they had stopped allowing the vaccines to be available as single vaccines instead of three-in-one, said it was because if they continued allowing people to opt for the single shots, it would destroy their MMR Program.
If you search through my comment, I’m sure you can find some ‘t’ I haven’t crossed, some slight slip to pounce on, but the meaning is clear.
I would add, it is common practice by government agencies and Corporations, when they award damages, to do so ‘without prejudice’ and with gagging orders.
I am still trying to get an update on the Kenyan alleged hCG lacing cases, and copies of the lab reports the Catholic Bishops and doctors relied on.