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SA, we must all of us climb from the fertile, productive plains and foothills – which are the battleground – to the bare and cold high country of thought, where the arduous inhospitality makes allies of us all.

What becomes of one’s suspicion when no media can be trusted? Knowledge is power, and the public is disempowered, by paywalls, non-disclosure agreements, wholly-owned journals, medical staff’s “ongoing education” by the pharmaceutical industry, complicity and secrecy of regulators, outright government classification, and relentless, confusing, misleading bullshit in the corporate media, endless reams of it.

Experiments in psychology have repeatedly shown that aggression is a response to the perception of threat. Those we call conspiracy theorists and those that purvey it feel they have to fight, and they are right; there is an ongoing information war. Where they are wrong is that it does not have just two sides; all the commercial entities are competing for profit, and for their very survival, as the bigger companies buy up the small specialised ones, and buy out their generalist competitors.

This is why I am in XR. It is only XR that clearly states that it is this system that is toxic; that we are not fighting this company or that government, but trying to transform this Toxic System itself, which corrupts every entity, because all have no option but to participate in it.

I am being robust with Paul – I have to be, for he has fought so long and so hard that he has forgotten how to stop; it’s never safe to stop. But I’m sure he strongly suspects that despite our differences, we share the same goal.

XR Principle 1: “We have a shared vision of change:
– Creating a world that is fit for generations to come.”