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Paul, OK, you’ve changed the subject, and I see you’ve been busy posting disinformation from the Swiss Propaganda Research site, and the mods have been busy deleting it.

As with the “MMR causes autism” hoax, I have strong reasons to accept the half-a-million-dead figure for covid-19 in the UK. and it isn’t because “that’s what it says in the MSM”. You can treat me with respect and show an interest in why I accept that, or you can dismiss me as a brainless dupe, which is what you’ve done so far.

What’s the point of campaigning against Western wars if you’re going to encourage policies that would kill say 2% of the entire global population? That’s over 150 million people, 150 Iraq invasions, over seven World War Ones. You’re completely undoing your own good work many times over, and all because you trust some highly dubious, completely anonymous site.