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SA, the quote is not from an anti-vax site; it’s from the paper Paul linked; it’s on PubMed:

Paul neglects to tell me how he found that paper from the 6.2 million on PubMed.

But yes, I’m considering requesting the thread be closed and deleted, because Paul neglects to engage in structured debate. The scientific literature is the place for this sort of discussion, because, apparently, in this public forum censorship is the only way to prevent aggressive promotion of disinformation.

I find that very sad in itself, and sadder still for me personally that Paul does not care about my sadness. In the way he treats us, our world would be better if you, I and all others like us were simply dead, for we merely obstruct his path, which he is sure leads to paradise. Or we may meekly conform to his battle-cry, or cease meddling in the world. The choices he will permit us seem to me reminiscent of fascism; indeed, literally Naziism, since I know from personal interaction that Paul will not trust me because he thinks I may be a Jew.

And this is a Corbyn supporter who sees no anti-Semitism among Corbyn’s supporters.