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Sorry SA, but I only got as far as this

“The wearing of face masks is also helpful in reducing the incidence of infection”

I’ve shown this to be a scientifically proven lie(first link in my last post provides enough links but I can supply more. It was accepted science by everyone until March/April this year. What changed?), so I hope you understand why that’s as far as I read.

You asked questions and I answered, so please address the issue that my reply concerned and it is the most important one at this point(we can talk about the lack of science/history concerning healthy people doing the most unhealthy/economically destructive thing imaginable once we conclude the science of masks).

I’ll repeat.

There is and never has been any science that backs what you say.

If you think otherwise supply links(not low confidence shit like the Lancet tried to get away with).

Masks are scientifically proven to be detrimental to the wearer and a source for spread.
You need to show otherwise with real science or accept that masks are no more than symbolism(history backs this up).

Your avoidance worries me. Do you back healthy people wearing a portable, virus spreading, petri dish and worse still, depriving young people of the oxygen needed for their brains to develop fully, all for a macabre symbolism that has no basis in science?

I expected more SA, but you seem you appear to live in the same fantasy world as the person my original comment was aimed at.
Scientifically that’s somewhere lower than than this

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