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The World Health Organisation’s “Immunisation Agenda 2030”: “a global strategy to leave no-one behind”, “a world where everyone, everywhere, at every age…fully benefits from vaccines”. What subtle phrasing.

So far one of the most striking features of the pandemic has been the level of uniformity of governments’ policies around the world.

If any government ever wants to vaccinate me against my will, they’ll have to bring some damned big policemen…

According to the Big Pharma-owned “WHO”, “immunization plays a key role in eliminating poverty”. Really? Does it now? Maybe the poverty we see in the world is an illusion that was conjured up by crazed “anti-vaxxers”? What else is needed to get out of poverty other than being vaccinated? Watching lots of adverts? Obeying all orders without question? Killing your own children maybe?

Perhaps soon Google and Apple will turn smartphones off unless their “owners” have been vaccinated? (But since that would draw a line making it clear that all rebels are on one side of it and most sheep and bosses’ men are on the other, that might not be a bad thing.)

You wonder how many people know what “immunisation” means. It means strengthening your immune system. Anyone who wants to advocate doing whatever the bosses tell us regarding what “the sirs” (is that the right term for medics?) get paid to want to inject us with should first find out what widely available foods and supplements really do tend to strengthen the immune system. Then if they write out their explanation 10 times for why they were so gutless as not to have bothered to find out about them already, we might be able to have a conversation.